You Don't Know Jack (under Virtual PC)

You Don't Know Jack (under Virtual PC)

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Can you smell the trivia?
That means it's gone bad.

      - You Don't Know Jack

This is a great game.  It places you as the contestant in an imaginary game show.  Now I hear you saying - so what.  Well You Don't Know Jack (YDKJ) has a number of things going for it.  First, the variety and offbeat nature of the questions makes the game very enjoyable.  Second, the comedic game show host really sucks you in.  There are some great lines of dialog in this game, and should you fire it up on a Friday night (like I just did) you may even get chastised for not having anything better to do on a Friday night:

You Don't Know Jack (under Virtual PC)   You Don't Know Jack (under Virtual PC)   You Don't Know Jack (under Virtual PC)   You Don't Know Jack (under Virtual PC)

YDKJ runs perfectly under Virtual PC.  But it also runs run on Windows XP (and Windows Vista for that matter) so you may be wondering why I am playing it under Virtual PC.  Well - as it was release in 1999 - YDKJ only runs at 640 by 480 by 8 bit color.  As such the experience on my 1280 by 1024 display is much nicer when it is inside of a virtual machine window.


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  • SWEET!!!!
    We used to have daily YDKJ contests between product managers back in the day......well before your time.

    How do you do on the trivia? I once watched Family Feud in Oz, and I got killed!

    As Happy As Larry????
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