Looking at disk space used by Virtual Server with WMI

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So I have been spelunking through the Virtual Server WMI interfaces, and found this handy one for reporting the amount of physical hard disk space used by each virtual machine.

Option Explicit

Dim strComputer, objWMIService, colVMs, vm, totalDisk

totalDisk = 0
strComputer = "."
Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:\\" & strComputer & "\root\vm\virtualserver")
Set colVMs = objWMIService.ExecQuery("SELECT * FROM VirtualMachine",,48)
For Each vm in colVMs
    Wscript.Echo "-----------------------------------"
    Wscript.Echo vm.name & ":: Disk space used: " & _
                        vm.DiskSpaceUsed / 1048576 & _
      " MB (" & vm.DiskSpaceUsed & " bytes)"
    totalDisk = totalDisk + vm.DiskSpaceUsed

    Wscript.Echo "-----------------------------------"
    Wscript.Echo "All virtual machines"
    Wscript.Echo "-----------------------------------"
    Wscript.Echo "Disk space used: " & totalDisk / 1048576 _
   & " MB (" & totalDisk & " bytes)"

The nice thing is that it gives you the total disk usage, even when the virtual machine has multiple virtual hard disks attached.  The not so nice thing is that it only reports this information for virtual machines that are currently running.


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  • I barely know what you're saying, I know just enough about the computer's inards to keep me out of trouble (same with software).

    What PHYSICAL disk space is required for the Virtual PC and Windows XP?

    I've asked this question several time, but haven't had a straight anwer yet.



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Looking at disk space used by Virtual Server with WMI