Virtual PC 2007 Beta now available!

Virtual PC 2007 Beta now available!

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Good news - the Virtual PC 2007 Beta is now available.  You can sign up for it here:

Major changes include:

  • Support for hardware virtualization (Intel and AMD)
  • Support for Windows Vista as a host operating system
  • Support for Windows Vista as a guest operating system
    • Note: No support for Aero Glass though - just Aero Basic
  • Support for 64-bit host operating systems
    • Note: Virtual machines are 32-bit only
  • Improved performance

There are also a plethora of bug fixes.  Some notable ones include:

Plus there are some minor UI changes.


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  • We use VPC and VS for test and demo purposes. We recently switched to VS2005 because it allows for static MAC Addresses, a requirement for our Macrivision licensing software.

    Any Idea if VPC 2007 will have the ability for Static MAC addresses?

  • Larry, have you ever tried to edit the vmc file in notepad? it's an xml and it has an


    property in it.


    so there won't be any changes in emulated hardware? no usb and no aero glass in guest by rtm?

  • Is side by side installation on a host with VPC2004 and/or VS2005 supported?

  • Just downloaded it and starting to play.

    Here are some bits from the info doc I was interested in:

    "The following are supported host operating systems:

    ·Windows® XP Professional

    ·Windows XP Professional Tablet PC Edition

    ·Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition

    ·Windows Vista Business

    ·Windows Vista Enterprise

    ·Windows Vista Ultimate"

    (comment:  No Windows 2000 Pro--not that I expected that..but no XP Home edition either. Bummer!)

    "Installation notes

    This section provides information about installing Virtual PC 2007. There are two installation scenarios:

    ·Upgrade in place. Install Virtual PC 2007 on a computer on which Virtual PC 2004 SP1 is currently installed.

    ·New installation. Install Virtual PC 2007 on a computer on which Virtual PC 2004 SP1 is not currently installed."

    (comment: Doesn't seem to allow both VPC2004 and VPC2007 to co-exist on same machine...I did an upgrade and it wrote directly into the same VPC2004 program files folder...)

    "Make sure that all virtual machines are turned off, including any virtual machines in a saved state. Saved states are not compatible between Virtual PC 2004 SP1 and Virtual PC 2007."

    (comment:  Um. Yes.  Should have read this doc before installing ;)  Anyway, it allowed me to delete the saved state file and reboot. On reboot I got the Safe-mode boot menu and just continued with a normal boot. Worked fine from there.  I had to uninstall my original add-on's then reboot, then install the new add-on's package.)

    Too soon to tell about performance/function.  Seems a little snappier...

    Got to go play!

  • Hm... I think I found a bug... If you have Virtual PC 2004 installed and then you install 2007, it will overwrite your 2004 regardless of where you tell it to install.  :X  I wanted to save 2004 for my XP install, grr.  Now I'll have to reinstall it.

  • Hey, back in 2004 you gave us some DOS tweaking tips:

    The last EMM386 one doesn't appear to work anymore (it hangs DOS)... :(

  • Does anyone know if USB support was added to Virtual PC 2007?  I really need USB dongle support and I am not ready to switch to VMWare.

  • No Home Edition? Man, what da hell?

    Home Edition is an operating system too! Buu...(I am crying my eyes off)

  • Can someone please explain what "hardware-assited virtualization" is?  All the documentation I've found simply says that its supported, but what the heck is it?


  • MS-DOS 6.22 works fine for me, just install the Dos Additions from VPC2004 SP1 as they still appear to work, remember to have DEVICE=C:\VMADD\VMADD386.SYS as the first line in your config.sys

  • On starting it, I get - VPC2007 has expired!

    What the heck?

    Any pointers?

  • It's working great for me, but unfortunately my laptop's BIOS doesn't allow for enabling Intel Virtualization Technology support so I can't take advantage of the hardware acceleration! :(

  • Ben,

    I downloaded VPC 2007 and I am very pleased! It addresses all the (many) problems I had with VPC 2004 with Vista as the host OS!

    However I have some questions..

    Is there any support planned for USB in the guest OS?

    Are there any major new bits of functionality, or is 2007 mostly a performance/compatibility refresh?

  • It is a real shame that Microsoft won't "officially" support VPC on the XP and Vista Home Editions.

    There is *zero* technological reason.  VPC doesn't use any APIs that are only present on XP Pro/Vista Business.  (Those APIs are essentially just those related to domain-based neworking.)

    The only reason is trying to scare people into thinking they need XP Pro, and getting them to pay for it.  (With VPC now free, they need to make up the difference in money somehow, eh?)  When the truth is, VPC works 100% in XP Home.  (I use it myself.)

    VPC is perfect for home users who still want to be able to play old DOS and Win3.x/9x games, as Ben highlights quite often on this very blog.

    I would love to see an official MS response on this issue.

  • ooh, I forgot a question:

    Should we re-install the 2007 version of the Virtual Machine Additions when running a VM originally set up in VPC 2004?

    It works as-is but I am wondering if there are improvements that would merit a re-install of the additions in the guest OS?

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