Nibbles.bas under Virtual PC

Nibbles.bas under Virtual PC

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Just like Gorilla.bas, Nibbles.bas is a source code based QBasic game that shipped with MS-DOS 5, Windows 95 and others.  Nibbles is a version of the classic 'snake' game where you control a snake that must avoid running into walls and itself, which is made harder by the fact that the snake grows in length every time it eats something (in this case numbers).

Nibbles runs perfectly under Virtual PC:

Nibbles.bas under Virtual PC   Nibbles.bas under Virtual PC   Nibbles.bas under Virtual PC   Nibbles.bas under Virtual PC

Nibbles has 20 levels, and after the 20th level you just play the 20th level over and over and over (yes - I have played this game far too much).  Nibbles features some particularly nefarious levels (in the higher levels there are walls that are 'perforated' and require a perfect aim to pass through).  It also supports a two player mode where two snakes are on the screen at the same time.


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  • This is surely the most compelling reason to use virtualization ever. Nibbles is an awesome game and I am surprised it hasn't become an olympic sport.

    Long live Sammy & Jake!

    (ps anyone who wants to try out my .NET port of nibbles check my website)

  • That is nice that Virtual PC developers have a time to play with cool toys like QBasic.

    Now the question is: when the developers will play solitaire under Pocket PC Emulator within Virtual PC?

  • Hi Nicholas,

    The Pocket PC emulator is actually based on virtual PC, and as Virtual PC can not run inside of Virtual PC, the Pocket PC emulator can not run inside of Virtual PC either.



  • Ben,

    I can understand this. However having Visual Studio with emulator preconfigured within Virtual PC would be a great help for presenting and educational purposes. Unfortunately this is cannot be achieved with current version.


  • This game fails to run under Virtual PC on a modern computer. This line of code causes division by zero:

    speed = speed * .5 / (stopTime# - startTime#)

    I took my nibbles.bas from "MS-DOS 6.22 Supplemental Utilities".

  • I would like to know if games like silent hunter 3 and virtual skipper 4 will work under the current virtual PC or under the new virtual pc 2007 beta?

    regards, Mark

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