Drag and drop does not work until the host is restarted.

Drag and drop does not work until the host is restarted.

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When you install Virtual PC on a new computer the ability to drag and drop files from the virtual machine to the host operating system does not work until you restart the host operating system.  Technically, you do not need to restart the host operating system for this to work.  All you need to do is stop Windows Explorer and restart it.

The reason for this is that Virtual PC installs a shell extension to enable drag and drop support, and this is not initialized until Explorer is restarted.  Rather than mandatorily requiring a host reboot we decided to leave this feature disabled until the user decides to reboot the system.


PS.  We did try just restarting Windows Explorer at the end of Virtual PC installation, but this caused problems with a number of other applications.

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  • First, a logoff/logon cycle is nicer than a restart.

    Second, I'd imagine there's a way to notify Explorer to reload shell extensions. I'm sure that when you install Winzip, you don't need to restart Explorer for its shell extensions to take effect.

  • Hi Ben

    Can you elaborate answer to the above question

    reply me :  anilpathania@hotmail.com

  • This is something of a huge (in the way that Jupiter is huge) long standing explorer problem.

    For many of us, pleas to fix the problem have gone unheeded. I suspect, however, that you could actually spend a little time doing some research and then wandering over to the right office, knock on a door and convince the team that this IS a real priority for people (and by convince, I mean whip them with the cords off their mouses when peaceful talks break down - this is a HUGE longstanding pain in the hind quarters!)

  • Hey Ben,

    I have a similiar problem but killing explorer doesn't work for me. Restarting the VPC does:



  • Maybe you should find out how TortoiseCVS 1.9 can be installed without requiring a restart.

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