How many virtual machines can Virtual PC run at the same time?

How many virtual machines can Virtual PC run at the same time?

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How many virtual machines can Virtual PC run at the same time?

32 - in case you were interested.  It can also have up to 255 configured and registered (I usually have about 40 virtual machines in my list at any given time).


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  • Hi,

    It's for the 2004 and 2007 versions or just the 2004 one ?

  • Interesting!  Are there any similar limitations in Virtual Server?

  • In what world did you find a machine capable of lauching 32 VMs?!?  I mean, I suppose if you were talking about win95 with installed in VMs with 4mb, then maybe..

    Mind you, the performance would really, really, really suck.

    Based on the average minimum requirement of 64mb, assuming that you have a 2gb machine with the host consuming 512mb of that (pretty normal, esp. for XP), the most you could possibly have ram for is 24.  If you used a more reasonable 128mb per vm, that would be 12.

    32 might be the theoretical limit, I suspect that in any reasonable and realistic scenario, the number would be much lower due to ram alone.

    That said, why does the interface only support 255 slots for non-running VMs - Not that I find more than 10 sane... 40?  Yikes... I'd be removing a few from  my list long before that just to keep it managable.  The current interface is pretty user hostile.  I could not imagine 40 vms in that list...

  • I mostly agree with the user interface comment.  I think the current UI works OK if you have no more than a handful of VM's installed, but it doesn't scale well for the user...

    What about adding the ability to add folders to the UI?  Let the user group them into manageable chunks.

  • I've forgotten if Virtual PC can be installed on an x64 host, though of course it doesn't support x64 guests.  If an x64 host is configured to give 3GB of virtual address space to each user mode process then Virtual PC can get 3GB of virtual space in 3GB of real space, right?  That would be enough to run 32 guests.  Some guests could run XP and some could run 2000.

  • What the limit on Virtual Server?

    Is there a technical reason for the limit? I can't think of a good one, so I suspect either its protecting Virtual Server for larger VM farms, or its just some arbitrary sized data structure lingering somewhere that may be hard to correct due to assumptions elsewhere.

  • Hi all,

    I would like to know if we could launch IExplorer alone in a VPC to enable safe browsing.. just load the basic kernel and GUI and splash up IE alone.. this could give us a lot lot protection.. Just reach me out if any1 is interested we could start a experimental project



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  • Ahmad,

    Yes, it's completly safe for the host to browse in a VPC machine.



  • I agree that browsing in a VPC guest is usually safe for the host, but infections in the VPC guest can still cause a lot of damage.  For example if malware installs a spam server in the VPC guest then it's still going to send a lot of spams to innocent victims on the internet.

    If the virtual network configuration supports connections between the host and the guests then a guest can infect a host.

  • Cog -

    It is the same for both.

    Mark -

    Virtual Server is limited to 64, though this is being increased to 128 for VS 2005 R2 SP1.

    Xepol -

    Yup - I have only ever seen the 32 VM limit hit with 32 DOS VMs with 4mb ram each.

    Xepol / Matthew -

    These limits (like most software limits) are done to limit the ammount of testing needed for configurations that we do not expect users to use anyway.



  • Going from memory, Windows 95 needed 6MB of RAM to install, so lets give it 8MB of RAM.  It was released with support for 386DX CPUs, 486 recommended, so we're in the neighbourhood of 33MHz.

    So 32 of those would only be a 1GHz Processor, and 256MB of RAM.  I have video cards with more RAM then that.

    NT4 required 16MB of RAM to install, 32MB to be usable, so that's only 1GB of RAM for 32 of 'em.  NT4 requires a Pentium class machine, and I recall running it on a 90MHz box without any difficulty, so that's 2.8GHz.  

    Oh, and I realize there is overhead on all of this, but in fairness, today's CPUs get a lot more done per-MHz, so a modern CPU running at 2GHz is likely substantially faster then a first generation Pentium 90MHz overclocked up to 2GHz.

    Now as for what you'd do with those operating systems, I don't know...

  • so guys, 4 list power on so 4VM run at the same time or wht ?

    please give me a suggestion ...


  • XP Mode has a 1-instance license. volume licensing is available should you need it, such as to run on a server farm or something.

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