Virtual PC 2007 Release Candidate is available

Virtual PC 2007 Release Candidate is available

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You can download it from:


Some key changes from previous builds include:

  • PXE Boot Support
  • Keyboard / performance issues on laptops addressed (yay!)
  • Virtual Networing on wireless adapters re-enabled
  • Fixes for installing Vista off of physical DVDs
  • And more...

 Have fun with it!




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  • I get invalid or missing product ID when I try to install it.  It also has an error in the middle of installing (msiexec?) but seems to finish.  Any ideas?

  • I don't find it there, broken link. Did a search and only found beta info.

  • Are those "here" links supposed to be links?

  • The link is working correctly at the moment...

  • People may be having problems with the link because the VPC 2007 Beta is in a 'Program' on that you have to apply for membership in in order to get to the downloads.

    Note that applying for the VPC 2007 program has no conditions other than having a Passport (or Windows Live ID) account on MS Connect.

  • It's still very buggy, for example, you can't install VPC Additions on a clean Windows 95 installation.

  • Akuma -

    That is not a bug.  Windows 95 is not supported.



  • But although Windows 95 is not supported why to remove the VPC old Additions for it? The Addition was done anyway so it would be a nice feature to see.

    At least VPC 2007 could include the latest VPC Additions for not supported anymore OSes in a separate file and not to make people searching or reinstalling old VPC 2004, getting the file, removing it and reinstalling again VPC 2007 cause that is annoying.

    It would be also nice to include a message on the setup program of the Additions for the unsupported Windows OSes.



  • Sorry but I gotta do it.

    "Why won't the Virtual PC 2007 Virtual Machine Additions load on Windows 95?"

    It's a feature, not a bug!


  • Ben,

    Any ideas on VPC 2007 release time frame (other than this year <g>)? Thanks.

  • When I change the size of a VM window on my Vista laptop, the content turns black and never comes back. I went back to the beta release that runs just fine.

  • Sergey -

    Nothing that I can say on a blog :-)



  • Good to see that on XP Home it will install once you acknowledge the unsupported OS message.

  • What is the difference between this VPC 2007 "Release Candidate", and the VPC 2007 ( that I've already been running the past few months?

  • How do i install VPC 2007 RC on a german Windows Server 2003 - all i get is "not supported Host-OS"?

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