Virtual PC 2007 Release Candidate is available

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You can download it from:


Some key changes from previous builds include:

  • PXE Boot Support
  • Keyboard / performance issues on laptops addressed (yay!)
  • Virtual Networing on wireless adapters re-enabled
  • Fixes for installing Vista off of physical DVDs
  • And more...

 Have fun with it!




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  • If you are trying to run on a server SKU other than Standard, this message is by design. Only the Standard server SKU's are supported as Host OS for Virtual PC. But you can go ahead and install (RC build (6.0.142) only, this was blocked in 6.0.122 Beta build).

  • I installed it, created a VM and pointed to to an ISO CD image of Windows XP Pro SP2. It started the install, formatted the volume and started copying files. This is where it ground to a halt and basically became unusable. I waited over an hour and it didn't get past 60% copying the files. I'm back using VMware for the moment as it works perfectly. Microsoft you need to get your act together on this.

  • The download link has not worked for several days now.  It results in a "Page Not Found" error.  There is also no "Connection" listed for Virtual PC 2007 RC.  There is a link at the bottom of the connections page to apply for Beta membership, but I assume that is for the older Beta version, not the new RC version.

    Others have pointed this out, yet there is still no resolution.

    Does the RC version in fact exist and, if so,

    how on Earth do we download it?


  • I just visited the link at the top of this page about an hour ago, and it worked fine.  Got the page to sign-in with my Passport ID, then it went straight to the download page.

  • 1. German text does not fit in some windows and has extra characters.

    2. The "Setup is copying files..." part of XP SP2 installation from an ISO image is terribly slow (long periods with no HD or CD activity but 100% CPU utilization).

    Host: cpu=AMD Pentium-4 class (x86 F15 M11 S1), mem=2GB, os=XP Pro SP2 (German).

    Are you sure this is a release candidate?

  • Ben - can you please tell me/us what is the difference between this VPC 2007 "Release Candidate", and the VPC 2007 ( that I've already been running the past few months?

  • Ben, I see that Win 2000 is not supported as a host OS.  Is there a way I can bypass the error message and attempt the installation anyway?  Thanks...

  • I get this error:

    I get invalid or missing product ID when I try to install it.

    On the PC with the error, the installation runs with no user interaction. This windows XP installation has had an installation with virtual PC 2004 Sp1 with a product id (installed before it was a free product). I uninstalled the old product and tried the new one and got the error message above. There are no errors displayed during the installation. I tried the same installation on a PC, where virtual PC 2004 had never been installed, and there were no error and the installation runs with user interaction and the product key is displayed (grayed). I need a way to force the installer to go to interactiv mode.

  • I just got it installed. If you get an error, just uninstall windows installer 3.1 and let the system revert to version 3.0. This installer version handles the installation :-)

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Virtual PC 2007 Release Candidate is available