Fallout under Virtual PC

Fallout under Virtual PC

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Fallout is one of my all time favorite games.  It is a role playing/adventure game set in a post apocalyptic wasteland.  You are a member of an underground vault that has survived a nuclear war, however due to mechanical failure your vault is about to run out of water.  You are sent into the outside world to try and find the part needed to get water back to your vault.  Needless to say things are not that simple, and you soon get embroiled in the affairs of the outside world.

One of the things that I appreciate about Fallout the most is the amount of freedom and gives you and how you solve the problems you encounter.  You can play the game as a dumb muscle-bound fool, blowing up anything that comes in your way, or as an intelligence smooth talker (it is actually technically possible, though very hard, to complete this game without killing anyone).

Fallout under Virtual PC   Fallout under Virtual PC   Fallout under Virtual PC   Fallout under Virtual PC

Fallout runs well under Windows 98 in Virtual PC.  It also runs well under Windows XP and Windows Vista when run directly, but I prefer to run it under Virtual PC as it only supports running at 640 by 480 resolution which looks kind of funky on my computer.  By using Virtual PC I do not have to worry about this.


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  • Guy... I'm reader of your blog and user of Virtual PC, even knowing that VMWare is a better product (and too expensive too, since quality has it's own price)... I'm getting really upset about your posts, you just talk about games...

    I think that Microsoft doesn't focus on the Virtual PC to make it's a better product... It looks much the same as the old Conectix VPC, even the 2007 version that doesn't changed too much...

    And when I read the lots of posts that talk about "running games in VPC...", I really think if you guys are taking serious the work for Virtual PC...

  • http://blogs.msdn.com/virtual_pc_guy/archive/2004/10/14/242169.aspx

    Ben has always liked using Virtual PC for gaming and he has often tried in the past to get one blog entry per week (or something like that) concerning getting a game working under Virtual PC.  This is his blog and he can put on it as he sees fit.  If you are looking for different content, I am sure there are other Microsoft blogs that focus more on technical aspects.

    I feel obliged to point out that VMWare offers free virtualization (I don't mean Player, they have the full Workstation product), and in fact it's probably why Virtual PC went free.  Check VMWare's site under "free virtualization".

    Back on the topic of games, testing games is IMO the best way to test Virtual PC compatibility since games are the most demanding of a computer.

    Also testing and blogging about games has got to be more fun than silly things like DOS-based word processors or whatever.

  • In defense of Ben and VPC, I think you are missing the point.  IMHO, one of the biggest segments for VPC IS gamers who want to run the old games we used to love that will not run on today's hardware.  Also, this product is intended for advanced home-users and hobbyists.  The serious/professional virtualizers will be using Virtual Server or any of the great VMWare products.

    Now, having said all that, don't get me wrong, I have a lot of problems with the way in which Micro$oft is handling their virtualization technology.  As has been the case with so many other MS products, they are way behind the curve and don't seem to be putting the resources into this that are necessary to catch up with VMWare.  Meanwhile, VMWare is leaving MS in the dust:


    I use VPC at home (I have virtualized every PC I've ever owned and am enjoying some favorite old games again) but still have a number of major issues with it that MS just won't address.  However, when I did benchmarking and testing for my company's use of virtual technology, VMWare was the clear winner.  Although we are a MS shop, we don't mind paying top dollar for a vastly superior product!

  • Thanks for the defense Dan and John.

    Rafa® -

    This blog is something that I maintain largely in my spare time.  All of my working time is spent developing server virtualization products these days.  I meet with customers to understand their concerns, write and review specifications, work with the development and test teams to ensure that we are developing products that address the customer needs and ship in a timely fashion, and attend an insane amount of meetings in general.

    After hours I do like to relax by playing games inside a virtual machines.  This is by no means a target market for us, but it is a good test of our virtualization layer.

    When I started this blog I was concerned that people would not appreciate my posts about gaming on the virtualization.  However most people have enjoyed reading this.

    If you do not want to read about gaming under virtualization just filter out post that are tagged with "Gaming under Virtual PC".  There are usually only one of two posts a week that fall into this category so you will not miss much :-)



  • I think it is a kind of personaly taste. I am a happy VPC while disliking vmware... Perhaps due to some very old experience of vmware, the way it installed a virtual NIC into my host was not my will... it was a very old version and I never check against the newer version.

    At work I use VPC as some kinds of test machine, aslo a virtual build machine to build my projects. At home I had been using it for games sometimes, it would be great it VPC could have a better support of joystick :P Any chance to create some kind of cheating engine into VPC? (something similar to the superb Wildcard to the Apple ][?)

  • VPC has better DOS compatibility than VMWare too, second to DOSBox - if games is your concern.

  • Wouldn't be better to use for testing games, which cause problems on modern PCs or Windows? Like Teenagent - it runs on VDMSound, DOSBox and VPC2004, but without sound (turning sound on usually causes game to crash). Or Earth 2140 (DOS version) - of all above, only VPC was able to run it with sound. Not to mention Worms - situation similar to Teenagent (runs, but no sound either).

  • If you are trying to run Fallout in a Windows 98 inside VMWare, after you install the VMWare tools you should uninstall the wmware tool mouse driver (by going into control panel > system > device manager or something like that, selecting the mouse, clicking in properties and then updating the driver to the first one in Microsoft. You may have to click "show all drivers" to see it and will have to restart the system.)

    If you don't do that mouse will not work.

    tags: mouse do not does not work vmware windows 98 virtual machine fallout

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