Virtual PC 2007 available for download!

Virtual PC 2007 available for download!

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Virtual PC 2007 was released in final form for download today.  You can read more about Virtual PC 2007, and download it, from the newly updated Virtual PC website:

Some key features of Virtual PC 2007 include:

  • Support for x64 Windows as a host operating system
  • Support for hardware virtualization support
  • Support for Windows Vista as a guest and host operating system 
  • Support for PXE network booting of virtual machines
  • Support for the use of fullscreen virtual machines on multi-monitor systems (VM still stays on just one monitor though)


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  • If we are running the current pre-release of VPC 2007, how do we upgrade?  In-place or uninstall/reinstall?

  • >> Support for the use of fullscreen virtual machines on multi-monitor systems (VM still stays on just one monitor though)..

    I don't understand what this really means. Is this like Remote Desktop does where I can go full screen on a specific monitor and when I move the mouse to the other screen it does not "come out of full screen"? Or are you saying something else?

  • Roy -

    Yes, You are correct.



  • John Schneider -

    You need to do an uninstall / reinstall.



  • I was just looking by chance today for 2004 and i see the new 2007 version. Hell yes! Only downside is it doesnt work on Home Premium, looks like i will have to upgrade to ultimate...

  • Great news, Virtual Pc is a great product.



  • Congratulations to the development team on a job well done!

  • Could someone clarify, can you install Vista 64-bit as a host AND guest OS ?

  • Get below warning when trying to run.


    Virtual PC has detected an invalid or missing Product ID.

    A valid Product ID is required to operate Virtual PC. Please re-run the Virtual PC installer and enter a valid Product ID when requested.


    Installer never requested Product ID. Running XP Pro, fully patched.

  • I just downloaded and installed it, and I was surprised to find that VPC2007 didn't have a Vista-style visual refresh.  The icons/images are the same old XP-style images, instead of nice Vista-style images.

    Oh wait, this is Microsoft--on second thought, this doesn't surprise me at all.

    (Sorry Ben, I know that you're (probably) not in a position to have done anything about it.)

  • I am a Computer Science student and I need to use Fedora Linux for a university project. I can install it in a vm under Virtual PC 2004 but the issue is that I cannot easily move data from my Windows XP os into the Fedora vm and vice versa because:

    1. USB Memory Stick support is not provided in Virtual PC 2004 and

    2. No Virtual PC additions were provided for a Linux guest os.

    Have these issues been fixed in the latest version of Virtual PC 2007? Specifically, is Memory Stick supported for moving data between host and guest oses? Are Virtual PC additions available for Linux guest for Virtual PC 2007? If not why not, since the Virtual PC Additions are already provided for Virtual Server, why not for Virtual PC as well? I haven't found any link on the Virtual PC 2007 home page to download the PC Additions for Linux, so I suppose that they are not available. Why is that? Can I use the Virtual Server ones with Virtual PC 2007?

  • Installed VPC 2007(64-bit) on my Vista 64-bit Ultimate machine.

    When I tried to install Vista 64-bit Ultimate as a guest OS, I received an error during Vista setup that I did not have a 64-bit processor.

    I have an Intel quad core processor(QX6700) but according to VPC 2007 the detected processor is a "Pentium III class".

    Is this a bug with VPC 2007 ? Or is a 64-bit guest OS not supported ?

  • Eric,

    I have the same problem with VPC on my machine.  I had to install it again on another PC and export the registry key to my first PC to make it work.

  • Are the VPC Additions for all the various OS's the same as the release candidate?  Do we need to upgrade those?

  • Flavious,

    I'm using a Thinkpad R60 with Core Duo T2300E processor and Virtual PC 2007 also say that my CPU is a PIII class. In my opinion VPC still only detect the host CPU only according to the CPUID, and because both Pentium III and Core/Core2 Duo processors share the same family ID(6) and SSE ability, VPC thinks them as PIII class CPUs.

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