Virtual PC 2007 available for download!

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Virtual PC 2007 was released in final form for download today.  You can read more about Virtual PC 2007, and download it, from the newly updated Virtual PC website:

Some key features of Virtual PC 2007 include:

  • Support for x64 Windows as a host operating system
  • Support for hardware virtualization support
  • Support for Windows Vista as a guest and host operating system 
  • Support for PXE network booting of virtual machines
  • Support for the use of fullscreen virtual machines on multi-monitor systems (VM still stays on just one monitor though)


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  • Is Intel Pentium-M (mobile) officially supported ? There were timing problems with VPC 2004 SP1 when SpeedStep is activated.

  • Does the old "upgrade the VMM component" work in the same way it used to?

    Meaning: are there benefits to be reaped by co-installing VPC 07 on a VS 2005 machine, or vice versa?

  • Ben, can you guys change the download names for the 32bit and 64bit downloads. They are both setup.exe so if you download to the same folder you overwrite each other if you do not change the filename.

    I changed mine to VPC200732bit and 64bit....

    It also makes it easier to differentiate between different programs since some downloads on the internet also use setup.exe.

    Only reason I can think you used setup.exe is either for the UAC "hole" for Runas Admin or just that no one bothered to think about changing the name.

    Guys, as for 64bit guest support I do not see anything about that in Ben's post. He only mentions host support. If you want a 64bit guest then download Vmware Server. (I may be wrong since I haven't tried VPC 2007 yet but I'm likely not considering the glacial VPC development)

  • The 64-bit download wants to install under Program Files (x86), the default location for 32-bit programs

    Is this expected?

  • ********************



    1) What about support for USB devices?

    2) Does the final version of Virtual PC 2007 support USB devices?

    I found out the hard-way that the beta version did not support USB devices.  I had to go to VMWare to get USB support.  :(

    Until Virtual PC supports USB devices, it will be a sub-class product.



  • Flavious -

    64 bit host, 32 bit guest.  This is why the Vista install will be failing.

    Eric / Robert -

    Did you have VPC 2004 installed on the system?

    AStudent -

    You can use the Virtual Server Linux Additions - but they are not officially supported.

    AStudent / Eik  -

    There is no USB support.

    Robert -

    The Additions are the same as the RC release.

    Petr -

    Yes, these issues have been addressed.

    Eusebio Rufian-Zilbermann -

    Yes, this is expected.  Search my blog for a post about this.



  • Third and last time (early beta, beta and release build) I have to uninstall VPC2007 and rollback to VPC2004sp1. The reason - unpredictable but stable hungs and anavailablity working with fillscreen virtual machone from another desktop via RDP)

    I cannot afford it, to loose results of my work, sorry guys.

    My configuration - Asus A6T, AMD TurionTL52(2 core), 2GB RAM.

    Another stuff that is not solved - is bad screen dimension changing. For example, I need the only clear and will predictable desire - to have _ALWAYS_ on my VPC 1280 x 800, that will not change due any (accsident) window resizing. It is impossible. At least, please add in future releases in your VMAdditions support for XWGA screen sizes. The world changed since 1024x768 a lot


  • Hi,

    I have a guest with Vista Home Premium, running under the just-released VPC 2007.  I installed (and re-installed) the VM Additions, but can't seem to get sound to work, or a sound device to be detected in the Vista guest (also looked in Device Manager, tried to add "Legacy hardware", etc.).

    I've seen posts that others have gotten sound to work with Vista guests under the VPC 2007 beta, so I'm wondering what I can/need to do to get this working?



  • muryk -

    Did you file bugs against this during the beta program?  If not, can you please contact Microsoft product support and provide them the details.

    Jim -

    When you created the virtual machine did you indicate that you were going to install Vista on it?



  • To upgrade to 2007 from 2004 I assume it's an uninstall/reinstall. Can we keep our virtual machines from 2004 and use them in 2007?

  • Ben,

    I think that I did select "Vista" from the dropdown box when I created the VMC.  I'll try to re-create the VMC again later today, to see if that works.  Will post back.



  • USB support: how-to:

    You can add USB support to your guests by installing simple USB-to-Ethernet/LAN software; a couple I've looked at:

    I've also bought a great hardware solution:

    Here you put the device on your desk and can even plug in usb memory sticks/scanners/hard disks into virtual servers many miles away.


  • Ben,

    FYI, deleting, then re-creating the VMC, making SURE that I select "Vista", did the trick!  Thanks for your help.


  • Is there a way to view Aero with Vista as guest in Vitual PC 2007?

  • <quote>

    Only downside is it doesnt work on Home Premium, looks like i will have to upgrade to ultimate...


    I have VPC 2007 up and running on my Vista Home Premium working fine running Ubuntu Linix virtual PC and Windows XP Pro Virtual PC. You get a warning during install, ignore it and it works fantastic. Seems really fast to me too!

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Virtual PC 2007 available for download!