Virtual PC 2007 available for download!

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Virtual PC 2007 was released in final form for download today.  You can read more about Virtual PC 2007, and download it, from the newly updated Virtual PC website:

Some key features of Virtual PC 2007 include:

  • Support for x64 Windows as a host operating system
  • Support for hardware virtualization support
  • Support for Windows Vista as a guest and host operating system 
  • Support for PXE network booting of virtual machines
  • Support for the use of fullscreen virtual machines on multi-monitor systems (VM still stays on just one monitor though)


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  • Why Virtual PC isn't Vista Home compatible? I tried to install it on several Italian PCs for purpose testing: all of them crashed...

    It's not good to see that a person who create free wp themes (and need to test them with ie6) in the free time doesn't have a precious instrument like this....

    It's very funny too that VPC 2007 is available for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition....

    What does a user do with a Tablet PC and a processor with about 800mhz/1 ghz, virtualization ??? no....

  • I am noticing that V PC 07 dosn't support Hardware virtualization on my computer where it did in V PC 04, But I am running Vista Ultimate and XP pro in V PC 07. It has the hardware virtualization box greyed out and in the guest OS it show that I have an intel processor but I in fact have a AMD, and wrong network and sound was found. I didn't have this problem with V PC 04 in XP as the host. Is this a V PC 07 problem or a Vista problem.

  • Eric -

    Virtual machines from VPC 2004 are compatible with VPC 2007. And yes, you have to uninstall /reinstall.

    Jim -


    Matteo -

    As already noted, VPC 2007 does work on Vista home, it just is not officially supported. What problems ave you seeing? Also, I am currently looking at getting a dual-core 2.0 Ghz tablet.

    MrChevy3 -

    Given that VPC 2004 has no support for hardware virtualization, I am not save what you think you ave seeing here.



  • PXE boot won't work in my test environment. The network monitor on the dhcp server (a guest) sees only DHCP DISCOVER packets from the pxe boot guest and DHCP OFFER from the DHCP server. But the DHCP REQUEST packet from the pxe boot guest never arrives to the DHCP server.

  • Hello Virtual PC Guy :)

    My problems were a complete disaster on Windows Vista Home Premium: it seems corruption of a lot of dll.

    After the crash i tried to reinstall on my GIGABYTE GA-M51GM-S2G in order:

    -- Windows Vista Home Premium

    -- Nforce 410 Chipset Drivers with Integrated Graphics- Windows Vista 32-Bit

    -- Realtek High Definition Audio Codecs R1.60

    -- VPC 2007

    The problem now is solved: i didn't install previously Nforce 410 Chipset Drivers

    and now system is stable.... (no blue screen, no crash..)

  • With XP Pro host and a bridged host LAN adapter, the components of the bridged adapter are listed as available adapters in VPC2007's 'Networking Settings'.

    This is different from VPC2004 and not documented in release notes. Presumably it means that it's possible to map a virtual adapter to one of the components rather than the combined adapter. Maybe this could be a future blog topic?

  • hi, is it possible to install vista 64 bit as a guest OS on 32 bit Vista business?

    processor  is core 2 duo e6600


  • The 64-bit download wants to install under Program Files (x86), the default location for 32-bit programs

    Is this expected?

  • Otto,

    VPC does not support x64 OSes as guests, only on the host PC.


    VPC is a 32-bit app, even on a 64bit system.  As is VM Ware's Workstation product.

  • Even though not officially supported!

    see <a href=

    "">this blog</a>

    quite fast on E6300 Core 2 Duo @2.56 GHz with VTx enabled

    acceptable on Celeron D 2.7 GHz

  • Hi Ben,

    I am trying to evaluate Windows server 2003 in a virtual lab.

    which version should I be using 2005R2 or PC2007 ?

    They both run Win Server 2003 guest OS.

    The most annoying is when I download 2005 R2 and install completly I do not get any application instlled to run and launch the guest machines, I just get the VMH.exe and vssrvc.exe. both do nothing when double clicked...

    At least Virtual PC 2007 allows me to launch the app.

    Many thanks


  • Hi,

    I am planning to test our software on VPC.

    Problem is,

    our software installs MSDE, USB drivers and .NET Framework. everything gets installed but the usb drivers. as soon as the usb driver starts to install VPC boots and boots...

    everything works great on regular pc.


    VPC 2004/2007

    Host:Windows 2000 Server

    Guest:Windows XP Pro SP2

    Please let me know how it can be fixed.


  • Rats - I just found out that Microsoft's implementation doesn't support USB.  In this day and age, I can'f figure out why, but hey, I NEED to access a USB device and had hoped this would be the simple way to go about it.  Back the the drawing board I guess.

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Virtual PC 2007 available for download!