Multi-monitor fullscreen mode compatibility with Virtual PC 2007

Multi-monitor fullscreen mode compatibility with Virtual PC 2007

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Just wanted to take some time to highlight a minor feature of Virtual PC 2007.  With Virtual PC 2004 we heard a lot of feedback from users running on multi-monitor systems that wanted to be able to keep a virtual machine in fullscreen mode on one monitor while working with the host operating system on the other monitor.  This was not possible with Virtual PC 2004 (whenever you took focus off the virtual machine, it would minimize) but is now possible with Virtual PC 2007.  Enjoy!


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  • A very frustrating experience. Its costing me money/time/productivity.

    When switching from dual screen to single screen the window doesnt return to the primary screen. And now when I launch VPC2007 it opens, I cant see it and when I click on it in the taskbar it closes.

    Very disappointed.

  • >> Thanks a lot, I'll try /SPAN. Another reason to move to Vista.

    No need to move to vista. I use XP,  the new terminal server client from microsoft update also allows you to use /SPAN, works fine for 2003, xp and w2k.

    However  as my two monitors are diffrent res's i've gone back to defining the size on the command line so it still spans the two monitors.

    Lot's of other  OS's support VNC of course and a lot of the free vnc clients also allow you to scale the window. I use this when i'm running test sessions from a number of w2k machines i can watch all 4 machines from just one screen.

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