LaserWars under Virtual PC

LaserWars under Virtual PC

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Man!  It has been too long since I've done a gaming post.  Sorry for all the seriousness :-).  But on to the topic at hand, LaserWars under Virtual PC.  This is a fun little shareware program from 1994.  You and your opponent both control a tank that is capable of shooting a powerful laser beam.  Your goal is to use this beam to blow up your opponent.  You can do this by either moving your tank, or by placing or removing angled mirrors that change the course of your laser beam.

This sounds really simple, but the challenge is that any mirrors that you configure to get your opponent, can be used by your opponent to get you.  So this game actually ends up being quite engaging, with a lot of thought needing to be given to your strategy.

LaserWars under Virtual PC   LaserWars under Virtual PC   LaserWars under Virtual PC  

The game runs perfectly well under Virtual PC, but unfortunately even though it is a shareware program, I have been unable to find a download of it on the Internet.  So if you have this sitting around somewhere on an old floppy disk or hard drive, I recommend that you get it out and play it one more time.  You know you want to.


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  • Here are two places to get it:

    The filename is

    If you fix the "Borland runtime error 200" with this:

    you can even run it under Windows XP directly.

  • More info: The runtime error 200 is the code for a divide by zero error... most of the time caused by timing routines which try to figure out how fast your processor is.  Of course, they weren't made for processors nearly as fast as those seen today.  Thus the routine finishes in a unforeseen small length of time which gets rounded to zero and divided by.

    There are plenty of programs to slow down DOS programs, so feel free to Google around and try a few different ones.

  • Ben,

    I've had a look around your blog but couldn't find an appropriate post to ask the following question, so I'm asking it here (sorry!):

    Is there any way to add multiple sound cards to a Virtual Machine in Virtual PC? I'm testing an application that uses multiple sound cards - being able to use Virtual PC for testing would be a help.

    Thanks in advance,


  • Has anybody been able to play “Starsiege TRIBES” in virtual PC?

  • TIGERe:

    I tried it with no problems on Windows 98 SE as guest with Virtual PC 2004 SP1. You must set the game to software rendering, and mouse pointer integration must be turned off. The game was pre-installed and patched to 1.11, then the installation folder was copied over to the guest OS.

    For anyone else who wants to try, the game is currently freeware.

  • Sorry about OT. How do I configure networking in VPC2007 under XP Pro when running Linux? I know it's not officially supported, but Mandriva 2007 works fine except for networking.


  • Albion, one of my favourite games, doesnt work in VPC 2007: It is probably some display resolution issue, do you know how to fix it?

  • Dan -

    Actually, we have special code in VPC to detect and correct programs with the runtime 200 bug.

    Brian -

    No. There is no way to do this.

    luke -

    I do not have that gave myself. However, I have another game by blue byte software that exhibits the same problem, and I have not been able to figure out how to get it to work.



  • luke:

    I'm guessing that Albion programs the VGA registers to set up a 360x240 resolution, and Virtual PC doesn't support that kind of thing, or that resolution isn't supported by the emulated video card.


    I don't have the game but according to the list it works fine in DosBox.

  • Thanks for the feedback Ben.


  • Wowsers, that is amazing!!!

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