SkiFree under Virtual PC

SkiFree under Virtual PC

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SkiFree has been a long time favorite of mine, and is a great way to kill a couple of minutes.  It was originally released as part of the Microsoft Entertainment Pack in 1990.  I personally am a fan of many of the games that are included with the Microsoft Entertainment Pack, and have faithfully installed it on each new computer I received.  I was only thwarted recently when I migrated to 64-bit Vista and found that my old 16-bit games would no longer run.  But never fear:

SkiFree runs great under Windows 3.11 on Virtual PC.  So what is this game?  It is a simple windows game where you control a skier, using either the mouse or the keyboard, as he navigates a downhill slope.  You have to watch out for trees, rocks, other skiers, etc...  In freestyle mode you also have to attempt to perform stunts in order to raise your 'style' score, or in slalom mode you need to navigate the flags that are set out.  This game also has a number of quirky features, like the fact that you can continue skiing after you cross the finish line - but you will eventually run into the abominable snowman - who will eat you.

For a detailed background on SkiFree go here, where you can also download both the original 16-bit SkiFree as well as a recompiled 32-bit SkiFree.


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  • u can download this game and play it on vista incase u didnt know.... 100% sure I have a copy working........

  • Now where the heck could I get a copy of the full entertainment pack from way back when I wonder?

    Stupid as it sounds, I'm feeling mighty nostaligic for the games of old... I wonder where my dos VM image now...hmmm...

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