One million downloads of Virtual PC 2007!

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So I just received an email that said that since we released Virtual PC 2007, we have now had just over 1,000,000 downloads!  Now - since VPC 2007 was released on the 19th of February 2007, that means that this was done in a mere 38 days.

Apparently there are a lot of people out there who like using VPC.

Well - I hope you all enjoy it - and this serves as all the more reason for me to keep up on the VPC tips and tricks :-)


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  • They like it because it is free. But do you like it? Not a single competitive new feature in 3 years and you like it? Where is USB support. Still waiting. I guess like Internet Explorer 6 Microsoft has stopped serious VPC development. Why waste money on a free product?

  • Would you like us to turn off the continuous download script now?

  • I downloaded it but I don't use it.

    This is like those 20 million Vista Licenses. MS touting that they have 20 million Vista licenses sold doesn't mean 20 million computers using Vista......

    I use:

    DOS Games=DosBox

    Windows Games (GDI/DirectDraw=Qemu/VirtualBox

    Work related\Everything Else=Vmware. (If I don't want to bother installer Server then I just use Player).

    Qemu/VirtualBox is starting to take over more and more from Vmware for me.

  • Now, if only it would work on XP Home, that number might be 6 million...

  • Anon -

    There have been a lot of new features: 64-bit host support, Vista host and guest support, PXE network booting support, hardware virtualization support, etc...

    Diane -

    Somehow I suspect you are not you :-)

    DosFreak -

    Fair enough - but I know that you do keep track of VPC still.

    MikePiff -

    It does work on XP Home, we just do not officially support it in that environment.



  • My only gripe is that VPC 2007's Virtual Machine Additions does not support Win 95 (which I like to mess around with at times!). So I need to keep VPC 2004's VMAdditions.iso around.

    USB support in a future version would be nice.

    ~ Arun

  • I needed to install SuSE SLES10 in a VPC VM on my Win 2003 Standard system. I recalled the problems with VPC 2004 last time I tried this with a 4GB DVD image, so I performed a VPC 2007 upgrade install first, hoping things would go more smoothly.

    The image appeared to mount successfully, BUT I still had problems with the SuSE install. I had to use the same workaround as the previous experience, Virtual CD mount on the host OS, then attach to the physical DVD in VPC.

    I thought the 2.2 GB issue was supposed to be resolved in VPC 2007. What happened? This is the release version of VPC 2007.

  • [quote]It does work on XP Home, we just do not officially support it in that environment.[/quote]

    So why break it for Win2k Pro?

    VPC2007 won't even install in Win2kPro. Using the beta hack to disable the OS check allows installation to *almost* finish, but then it dies with an error about the kernel.

    Just pitiful.

  • Hi Joe,

    The reason for this is that we actually use kernel functionality in Virtual PC 2007 that is not available on Windows 2000.



  • Then why does the product specifications tab on the overview page at:

    List the following example at the bottom:

    "To run Windows 95 as a guest OS on a Windows 2000 host requires 500 MB of free disk space and 128 MB of free memory (96 MB for the host and 32 for the guest)."

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One million downloads of Virtual PC 2007!