Updated Virtual Machine Additions for Linux now Available

Updated Virtual Machine Additions for Linux now Available

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Well, Andrew Dugdell beat me to posting about this, but an updated version of the Virtual Machine Additions for Linux is now available for download.  With this version the following distributions of Linux are supported:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 (update 6)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1 (update 6)
  • Red Hat Linux 9.0
  • Red Hat Linux 7.3
  • SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 10
  • SuSE Linux 10.0
  • SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9
  • SuSE Linux 9.3
  • SuSE Linux 9.2


You can download these Additions from Microsoft Connect.  Note - while the Virtual Machine Additions are only available on Connect - they are not Beta, but are final release versions and are fully supported.


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  • It's worth noting that most of these work just fine for *any* modern version of Linux -- just edit the startup scripts to disable the check of which Linux version you're running.

    Still supported?  No.  But that's not always been the biggest concern for Linux users to start with.

  • I get a 'not found' from connect.microsoft.com when clicking on the link you provided; I also didn't find the download via search.

    Can you please update your link the download?

    Also, any plans to support Ubuntu?

  • Markus -

    The link will only work if you are already signed up to the program.  If you are not - just go to http://connect.microsoft.com - and look for the Virtual Machine Additions for Linux option (it is towards the bottom of the page).



  • It seems that I can't use the "Shutdown guest OS" with the original Linux additions.

    Does it works with this one?

    Thx by advance!

  • Will this work with virtual PC 2007?


  • I just installed the VM additions for Linux. I'm running Red Hat 9.  Two things that maybe folks have encountered:

    1.  After the build process to implement the VM additions for Linux, now in the VM window I'm getting two somewhat horizontally elongated "xx"'s that ride on top of the black cursor arrow.  Anyone else see this?

    2.  The Virtual PC "Setting" in file sharing it says you have to have VM additions installed (which I do), however the "Share Folder" button is still not active.  Anyone get this to work?

  • Hello, I'm connecting from italy and cannot find anywhere the Additions for Linux.. no links working and no place where to download..  probably my fault! I have installed redhat ES3 update 8, do you think is suitable for that version of the Additions?

    thank you very much

  • I've also noticed the two "XX"'s on the cursor (using KDE on CentOS).  I couldn't find a solution so I turned off the VMA's.

    Sharing folders is not supported in the Window VMA's.  You'll need to use Samba or some other file sharing mechanism.

  • Scratch my previous comment.  I've decided to reenable the VMA's for Linux because I was having problems keeping the time in sync automatically.  Now I've got Virtual PC in my startup folder and  it restores the virtual Linux machine exactly as I left it.

    To get rid of the dual "XX"'s on the cursor, I've disabled X on startup, started Cygwin X server on Windows XP and remotely start apps on the virtual Linux box using SSH.  I really like the setup now.

    Another alternative would be to let the window manager on the virtual PC control the X server on Windows XP.  I've used this before, but prefer letting Windows manage the windows.

    A coworker of mine reported that using a VNC  server on the Linux box is faster than using X, even from the console for a non-virtual box!  I haven't tried it but I trust his judgement.

  • Back to Steve's question (April 14th). Do the VMA's for Linux released for Virtual Server as work with Virtual PC 2007? Has anyone tried this?


  • I've been trying to get the VMA's(v1) working under VPC and Ubuntu for a few weeks now with no luck but to be fair I've only been using Linux two weeks. I seem to be able to get them to install but they won't run. I have read a post on the newsgroups by one user who say he got them going but I have been unable to contact him an dask him how. I will give v1.2 ago now and let you know how I get on.

  • Just tried 1.2 under ubuntu and the error log says that my sources aren't correct am I haven't been using linux long wnough to know how to correct them. I need a good book :)

  • A while ago, I tracked down the XX's on the cursor in VPC to a particular SetCursor callsite in "Virtual PC.exe"

    I forget precisely how I did it since it was a while ago... I think I just nopped out the calls one at a time until I found the one that was causing it.

    I forget most of the details, actually, but I remember that my edumacated conclusion was that it was a bug in VirtualPC itself and not the additions, nor any particularly weird linux behaviour.

  • Oh yeah - I remember now.  X11 has its own cursor - it doesn't need virtualpc drawing one on top.  In any case, the one that virtualpc ends up drawing is that crazy (uninitialized memory?) XX cursor.  By replacing the offending SetCursor call with one that points to a blank cursor, the XXs go away.  Ben?

  • Furley:

    Any chance you'd be willing to provide some guidance in how to "nop out the SetCursor call in "Virtual PC.exe""?



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