Virtual PC is 10 years old

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Hah - almost missed this one.  10 years ago (yesterday) - Virtual PC 1.0 for Macintosh was released.  So here's to you Virtual PC - may you have many more happy years :-)


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  • Personally, I would say that Virtual PC is one the best software programs ever written and developed, both in the Mac and PC versions! :-)

    A sad thing for the Mac version - i.e., Virtual PC 7, nowadays - is that it seems to have been discontinued, due to Apple's current adoption of Intel processors: very sad indeed, because, besides being an excellent program, it also has some features still not present in Virtual PC 2007 (for example, USB support).

    I really hope that MS VPC 7 will continue to remain fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.5.x, which probably will be the last PPC-compatible OS release from Apple.

    As for VPC 2007 for Windows, of course it would be great if it gained all the cool "VPC/Mac" features: such as USB support, VM Additions Printer, and so on...

  • Congrats!

    BTW, is is possible to download Virtual PC

    for Windows 98? :)

    ("Windows 98 + ME *still* alive campaign")

    Cheers, Roman

  • doknir,

    The last version of VPC to run in Win98 was the Connectix version 5.1.  The Connectix version was never a free product (except for the trial version of it)

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Virtual PC is 10 years old