Poll: What do you use desktop virtualization for?

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I have oftened been asked "what do the people who read your blog use virtualization for"?  So - I thought it was due time to ask you:

I look forward to seeing the responses. 


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  • Too bad you can't select multiple items.

  • Agreed, I use seperate VPCs for development, testing and demonstration of applications on different Operating Systems.

  • Yes - I agree.  But just choose the one you do most often :-)



  • I use VPCs for development testing on different OS/browsers and if I install software that is not working on my current OS.


  • I need to run 16-bit software. This breaks after XP has been running for a while, for some reason.

    So I run a VM image with XP and just this software.

  • I use it to access suspected phishing sites received in messages.  Just to test.  

  • I primarely use Virtual Server to test and show SharePoint solutions without having to be connected to "real servers".

    Mostly I have two Win 2003 Server servers (1 FE and 1 SQL Server BE)

    Occationally I use it to set up environments with older versions of the Ms Office for development and testing of solutions I build.

  • The ability to rank multiple uses would have given you a poll to cover most users in the survey.

  • I am a consultant - I use it to have a seperate (and controlled) environment for a particular client site - without having to touch my host laptop.

    Such things as

    o logging into their domain - without having to change the domain on the host

    o different version of software (Office 2007 on host - vs 2000 at client site)

    and so on...

  • To test web sites in different browsers/OS'.

    Also use it to run software that does not work with IE 7 or Vista.

    btw Ubuntu 7.04 does not have a working mouse when running in Virtual PC 2007.

  • Seeing as no video drivers for Vista (or is it Vista's fault itself?) can do full mode console apps, that pretty much kills VDMSound as a choice for getting old DOS games working.  That leaves emulation (DOSBox) and virtualization (Virtual PC).  Virtual PC is harder to set up but is the better choice at the end of the day.

    I also use VPC and QEMU to preview downloaded ISO images.  ReactOS, Ubuntu, the OLPC OS, etc.

  • As far as I can tell, you can vote multiple times - at least, I've voted twice (once for each of my uses) and it confirmed each vote.



  • Several uses

    - trying out new versions of apps I have without screwing up my current environment.

    - trying out shareware in an isolated environment.

    - run linux occasionally w/o dedicating a whole machine to it or dealing with dual boot.

    - browser testing.

  • It's a tool, and a great one.  I've probably gone through most of those choices since Connectix brought the program out.  It depends on my situation, need, or job at the time.

    It's almost like asking what you use MS Word for?  Well, everything!

    Currently, for testing various applications in a controlled environment on differnet operating systems.  It's also fun to try different OS's too.  I keep a DOS/Win3.1 VM handy for fun.

  • Zufoo - look like this is a Linux bug:


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Poll: What do you use desktop virtualization for?