Poll: What do you use desktop virtualization for?

Poll: What do you use desktop virtualization for?

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I have oftened been asked "what do the people who read your blog use virtualization for"?  So - I thought it was due time to ask you:

I look forward to seeing the responses. 


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  • I use it for many things

    - App Compatibility - I still use some apps that dont work in Vista. (It would be cool to do some CD burning in the VPC...)

    - Developing new software - under Vista(Host, usually), XP and 2000.

    - Training myself or others - I use it to see other user's OS on my computer, for providing tech support.

    - Security - again, phishing sites, and booting into Linux CDs is annoying.

    - OS Enthusiast - I like to play old DOS and Windows 3.1 games.

  • I'm also in the "everything" camp. Specifically, I use the host OS to run VMs and Photoshop. Looking at what's running right now at work I have: a bunch of file explorers, Outlook, TextPad, Foobar2000 (music), IE (timesheet, intranet, devtrack only).

    I use VMs for:

    - development (standard dev env for all devs)

    - build host

    - browsing

    - browsing foreign websites (eg using Mandarin XP)

    - testing, especially disposable VMs for testing shareware/trialware

    - testing installers (I have a library of VMs for this with ~20 OS's so far)

    - photo editing (Bibble, BreezeBrowser, DL Pro, Paint Shop Pro) except PhotoShop coz it works so much better with 4GB/4 disks native.

  • We use VPC for development and testing SharePoint.

  • I use it to run old 16 bit programs

  • In our case we make use of virtualization due to differenting client needs. Our product is made up of a number of modules, each set of which is different for each of our dozen or so client. So the code base I need for one client is slightly different from another, but just enough that I can't have both on the same PC at the same time and still expect things to work. So we use it for the different shades of gray in our development environment. No coincidence then, our Testing/QA dept also uses it to test the different client in environments that can closely mimic the client's for more accurate results.

  • I use VPC to allow me to run the 16-bit linker from MASM 6.11 to complete a build for firmware that I develop. I use Vista x64 to utilize a >4GB of system memory and this is the only reason that I have to have a VPC at work.

    I also use a VPC on Vista at home to allow me to use our company VPN solution in an XP VPC since none of the VPN tools will install in Vista x32 or X64.

    In this regard Virtual PC is a real big help for me. I have been an early adopter of NT4,W2k,XP and now Vista and this VPC being free is one of the smartest things that MS has done in facilitating the transitions.


  • No all of the above option?  I use it for every one of those choices and there's no good way to pick the most common except to say that the last choice, hobby/games, is the least often.

  • I use it to provide effective IT Support. I run multiple versions of Windows, Office, and other apps inside different virtual machines, so when i talk to people on the phone i can start a VM that is similar to what they are running.

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