Visual Studio 9.0 Beta 1 available as a virtual machine

Visual Studio 9.0 Beta 1 available as a virtual machine

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Here is another interesting virtual machine.  The Visual Studio team have made Beta 1 of the next release of Visual Studio (codenamed 'Orcas') available as a virtual machine.  It is quite a large download - but it provides a relatively easy way to checkout the beta without messing up your existing development environment.

One thing to note - the default configuration only has 384mb of memory configured for the virtual machine.  You will want to increase that if you have enough physical memory in your computer.


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  • Last week when I shut down VPC (version 7 running on PowerBook G4  15") Windows installed 5 updates.  My VPC hasn't worked since.  It loads until it gets to "Microsoft Windows XP" & logo screen, then it freezes.

  • Does VPC for Mac include its own version of VM Additions?  If so then maybe Windows XP's Windows Update damaged the installed VM Additions.  Two things to try are when Windows XP starts to boot, hit the F8 key and tell Windows XP to try either "last known good configuration" or "safe mode".  Either of these might provide a way to roll back the Windows Update.  Even if the chances are less than 50%, it's still worth trying.

  • Maybe it would be better just to disable automatic updates in Windows XP, and, instead, manually update through Windows Update or - better - Microsoft Update (which, sadly, is incredibly slooooow on VPC/Mac, taking several hours to examine the computer and propose the related updates: rather strange, indeed!): personally, I have never had any serious problems doing it in this way.

    Of course, one should always make a backup copy of the whole .vpc7 virtual hard drive image package (containing the settings and the main .vhdp package, which then contains the "real" .vhd file), to be found in the ~/Documents/Virtual PC List folder, in order to be able to restore a good previous copy, if necessary.

    Or, as another option, one could also enable the "Undo Disks" feature, thus waiting to commit any changes after having ensured that everything works well...

  • I'm seeing the same problem that Richard had. I'm unwilling to run Windows XP without the latest patches. So I guess I'll just have to wait till they fix it.

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