S3 Trio drivers back up on S3Graphics.com

S3 Trio drivers back up on S3Graphics.com

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For a while these drivers were missing - but now if you need Windows 3.11, OS/2 or CAD drivers for running under Virtual PC - you can get them from http://www.s3graphics.com/en/resources/drivers/legacy/software_archive.jsp#id_765drv


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  • Now I can fix my old Windows 3.11 Virtual Machine (it got weird when i moved it to a new host, for some reason). But, seeing as now there is a different sound card for avalible to new Virtual Machines, it seems like, being that S3 is complaining about stopping support, there should be an updated graphics card. Perhaps with an adjustable amount of memory?

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  • These?  Are they English or French?

    w3117004.zip  606k 1998 May 27 Binary-765 Win 3.1 French Driver v. 1.70.04-PROD

  • InlandAZ -

    Thos are the English drivers - it looks like they have an error in the description.



  • FYI, I've had the Win3.11 drivers (w3117004) at my site for years... ;)

  • Thanks Ben, downloaded and installed - much more stable than the 1.64.06 drivers (I can actually play Darkseed II without the crashes).

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