A new Virtual Server management tool: HyperAdmin

A new Virtual Server management tool: HyperAdmin

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HyperAdmin is a custom management interface for Virtual Server.  If you want to try it out - you can download it from here:


Also - some demonstrations of the user experience are available here:


I have spent some time playing around with this - and it is quite interesting.


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  • I checked HyperAdmin out myself, so even though it doesn’t replace the native interface it does make it MUCH easier to administer my virtual environment. I liked all the slick web 2.0 ajax stuff they use and the capability to enumerate the whole domain to find virtual servers, and to group VMs into logical collections (views). The free trial version allows you to manage 3 virtual servers and up to 20 Virtual machines which is enough for my lab for now, so I like this a lot. I definitely would recommend this product to others.

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