Mean Streets under Virtual PC

Mean Streets under Virtual PC

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Heh.  It has been so long since I posted about a game that I am sure that many of you were wondering what had gone wrong.  Well, never fear, things have just been a bit busy around here.  So, today I was reminiscing about about old Tex Murphy games - and thought I would dust off some of my games to see how they went under Virtual PC.

Mean Streets is the first Tex Murphy game - and it has an intriguing plot where you play the role of Tex Murphy, a private investigator in a post-apocalyptic world.  You start off investigating the death of a professor who was working on a secret project.

The oddity of this game was that it constantly switched between traditional 'talky' style - where you had to interrogate people and choose the right conversation options - and a 3D flying hovercar mode which you use to travel between each location.  Both of these aspects were quite top notch for the time the game was created in - but I was always annoyed by having to deal with these two opposites of game play jammed together.

So how does it run under Virtual PC?  OK -

meanstreets1 meanstreets2 meanstreets6 meanstreets7

There are two notable issues when running the game under Virtual PC:

  1. When controlling the hovercar, the arrow keys are a bit too sensitive.  This is annoying - but tolerable.
  2. Mean Streets used a state of the art sound engine where it tried to play digital sounds over the humble PC speaker.  While this was amazing in the day - Virtual PC is unable to emulate this correctly - and the result is a torturous cacophony coming out of your speakers.  Unfortunately I could never get the game to stop making this sound - and ended up resorting to muting my sound under Windows in order to play the game.


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  • I've had it installed for quite some time - it's one of my favs. Martian Memorandum plays as well.

    The only improvement these old games still need under VPC is sound - it's really bad for most of them.  DOSBox runs Win 3.1 (w/Games installed) with perfect sound - can't VPC address this directly?

    I'm a big VPC fan by the way - just looking for some improvement.

  • I think that a new Tex Murphy game would be awesome on the 360...  Just think about using MS' highly touted WMV 10 HD codecs for some awesome FMV scenes.  I would sell school kids into slavery for even just a 720p Tex Murphy trailer.  I'd certainly buy an HD-DVD drive for a full game, and that would decide the format war for me personally...


    Unfortunate that Microsoft had to help kill one of the more truly unique game franchises...

  • I've got Under A Killing Moon, which I tried running under VPC about a year ago.  It acted pretty funny, but it kinda played.  It would probably have worked better if I had not lost the manual over the years - the controls were not exactly intuitive!

    Dang I loved that game.  State of the art multimedia in it's day, and it even ran smoothly on my 486dx4-100 with 4 megs of ram... Oh where has the technology curve taken us?

  • Hey, ya, Max - you are on to something there.

    Someone alert the XBox Live Arcade team - I WOULD DEFINITELY PAY 800 to 1000 points to play each of these again!

  • Dude... Mean streets.  The soundtrack was the best EVAR.  Also:  "They're in my head!  THEYRE IN MY HEAD!!!"  And it all played through the system speaker, no sound card needed.

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