Martian Memorandum under Virtual PC

Martian Memorandum under Virtual PC

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Continuing on with the Tex Murphy games we arrive at Martian Memorandum.  This would have to be my favorite Tex Murphy game - with a gripping story and a simple click and point interface.  That is not to say that it is without its problems.  The biggest problem (in my opinion) is that it is relatively easy to mess up a conversation without realizing it - that is until hours later when you are missing a key piece of information and have no way of getting it:

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Martian Memorandum runs well under Virtual PC - but I could not get any of the 'sound effect' options to work (trying to use the sound blaster for this just caused the game to lock up the first time a sound effect was generated) so I ended up using the Adlib sound setting.


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  • I'm going to be disappointed if you don't add Crime Wave to your list.

    Is there no way sound can be improved under VPC?  

  • Sorry - these are the only two Tex Murphy games that I own.



  • Ben, wander over to the XBox Live Arcade offices and get them all hooked on Tex Murphy for us would you?

  • I would like you to try "Red Alert 95" (or the win95 port of the original "Command and Conquer") (from Westwood Studios, before EA purchased them) in Virtual PC.

    Virtual PC is a great product, and C&C/RA95 are great games (C&C set the standard for eary RTS games).

    However, I can not get the game to work properly in Virtual PC.  I used Windows 98 SE (256M ram) as the guest OS.  The host was Windows XP pro on a 1.4GHz AMD Athlon w/ 768M ram.  The scrolling does not work, the sound is very choppy and the graphics in the installer did not work.  (I had to guess where the proper buttons were to click them and make the install work).

    I'm not asking you to "fix it".  I just wanted see if you would try it out and post your findings.

  • Try the following for running some older DOS games.

  • "Martian Memorandum runs well under Virtual PC - but I could not get any of the 'sound effect' options to work "

    That has to be one of the most oxymoronic statements I've read on this blog.  How can you say you got the game running 'well' yet couldn't play sound effects?  Access games trademark feature was sampled sound effects and speech and all of the Tex Murphy games (of which Martian Memorandum is one) made extensive use of the such sampled content.  To have that piped through a virtual adlib is not only silly, it's downright criminal.  

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