Virtual Server management tool - VMRCPlus now available

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As mentioned here - VMRCplus is a free tool that allows you to use Virtual Server without having the web interface installed - and it is now available for download.

Now to add a bit of background for those of you wondering where the heck this tool came from - and why it is being released now.

VMRCplus was originally developed by on of our testers, Paul Despe.  He originally developed solely for his own uses - but he made it available internally for people to use.  Well -as happens - from time to time someone outside of Microsoft would see someone using this tool and go "Wow - can I get that?".  The problem was that the tool wasn't really "end user ready" and Paul shifted onto testing Windows Server virtualization a while ago - so could not justify the work needed to bring it up to the necessary quality.

Thankfully, Matthijs ten Seldam, a consultant at Microsoft offered to take over the project and to do the work to get it ready for others to use - and now we are here.



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  • Nice product, but this from the documentation is rather limiting: "VMRCplus can manage a workgroup server when installed locally on the host.

    Management of remote workgroup servers however is not possible. The Virtual Server COM API does not provide a form of ‘connect as’ when connecting to a remote host."

  • I am glad to see this tool got released! I loved this tool when I helped support Virtual Server as a contractor at Microsoft. This also makes it a lot easier to test "alternate OS" VMs running under Virtual Server (for SCSI support) than through the webpage.

  • I created a blog for VMRCplus. See my URL.

  • I can't connect to Virtual Server with VMRCPlus

    "Access is denied. (Exeption from HRESULT:0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED))


  • Sames issue as Nikola here,

    is there any solution (runas or else) to connect to a workgroup hostserver, from a domain client?

    Regards Philipp

    Mod @

  • I am also getting the error

    "Access is denied. (Exeption from HRESULT:0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED))

    Has anyone found a solution?

    Help! Great tool but I cannot use it?

  • I'm having loads of problems with VMRCplus. Any time something bad happens to a server I'm monitoring VM on it throws all manner of errors. It regularly hangs as well.

    I use it on several machines on a number of unconnected domains and keep seeing the same problems.

    It really is a great tool but I'm afraid it doesn't have the quality I normally associate with Microsoft products.

  • Jayne -

    Indeed, it is not a Microsoft product.  It is a tool made by two guys at Microsoft - which has not been through the Microsoft release process.



  • @Colin Lee:

    About your Question per mail, no didn´t find a solution. But a definite answer look here:

    Regards Philipp

    Mod @

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Virtual Server management tool - VMRCPlus now available