X-Wing under Virtual PC

X-Wing under Virtual PC

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Now this is a classic, the original DOS version of X-Wing.  The game where you got to play as part of the rebellion and try to overthrow the evil empire - you even get to participate in the final run on the Death Star.

This game had many things that made it great.  It had an amazing 3D engine (for the day), a compelling story line, and a lot of attention to detail.  The missions in this game are quite authentic for a 'rebellion' in that you are always racing against the clock to try and complete your mission before stronger forces arrive from the Empire.  Similarly, many of your missions involve skulking around and trying to destroy / capture ships without drawing attention to yourself.

xwing3 xwing4 xwing5

X-Wing runs well under Virtual PC - with smooth graphics and perfect sound support.  The only problem is that you cannot use the joystick - which leaves you relying on mouse / keyboard (annoying, but possible to do).


  • "DOSBox is an emulator.  Virtual PC is a virtualizer."

    Virtual PC does a fair amount of emulation itself - both Sound and Video devices are emulated. Of the two products mentioned, DOSBox does a much better job emulating sound.

    Speed wise, I have to agree with the others - give 0.70 a shot and see if your experience improves (the product was enhanced quite a bit).

    "There's no reason to do "DOSBox is superior, VPC is inferior" or visa-versa.  Both programs share my hard drive without annihilating each other.  I've used them both.  There's no reason to champion one over the other.

    Well, except that this is VIRTUAL PC Guy's Blog. :)"

    I suspect that Ben is a gamer - at least he appears to be one, otherwise he wouldn't have a Gaming Section devoted to them. But because of the shortcomings of VPC when it comes to legacy gaming, he's naturally going get a thread or two that points out that the other product does things better.  

    In as much as VPC wasn’t designed to support old DOS games we don’t have a lot of room to whine. We can always hold out for improvements (because we think Ben like games too).

  • "Also it's easy to slow down DOS games in Virtual PC.  Ben has been over this before, I believe.  Back when DOS was in wide use there were tools made to slow down faster games... you can still find 'em.  I think I used one called slomo or something like that. ."

    Moslo it's called and it sucks. It doesn't slow down games well at all - it makes them jerky and unresponsive. I used to use Moslo back in the late 90s when a lot of games were starting to get bad speed-wise. That's why Dosbox is really the only option - and trust me, I used VPC for DOS games before I discovered Dosbox and I was not too happy with it. The compatibility was far too low.

  • Wow.  I go out for a weekend and the biggest comment discussion on gaming on my blog happens.

    Okay - let's all calm down a little.  

    I couple of points I would like to make:

    1) Yes - I am aware of DOSBox - and think it is a great project.  However...

    2) Virtual PC is my product, and I use Virtual PC because I like it.  I also use Virtual PC for gaming as it allows me to find interesting and esoteric bugs.  I have DOSBox installed on many of my computers - but I rarely use it - simply because I prefer to use Virtual PC.

    3) Virtual PC (and other virtualization products from Microsoft) is not designed or intended for gaming.  We do not actively make changes to increase the performance / playability of games.  However - if we find a game that causes a crash or exposes a funcamental bug - we do fix that.

    4) Given the previous point - I think it is impressive that Virtual PC can run as many games as it does.

    5) I am not going to get into a discussion of whether DOSBox is better or worse than Virtual PC at running a specific game, or games in general.  Both tools are free - and you are free to choose for yourself.

    6) Battle Chess runs really well under the upcoming Windows Server virtualization technology...  Okay - that is off topic - but cool none the less.



  • Oh dear. I really was hoping to see some comments from people reminiscing about X-Wing.  What a great game.  I can remember saving up over the course of a term at University, the £150 or so it cost for a Soundblaster card.  I bought it especially as I was fed up of the crappy internal speaker.  It was such a big purchase from me that I couldn’t even tell my girlfriend how much it had cost. Oh happy days.

    PS.. I haven't used DOSBox but if I do, does it mean interminable messing around with config.sys and himem again? ;-)

  • Nope. Dosbox emulates a PC and MS-DOS but only what is needed to get games to work.

    There is no config.sys in DosBox, there is an autoexec.bat but it is part of the DosBox.conf file in the [autoexec] section.

    No EMM386/HIMEM is needed with DosBox.

    In fact there has been alot of work in DosBox to make those games that use JEMM to work very easily in DosBox which work notorious for being difficult to use in real dos. In earlier DosBox builds you had to disable EMS or XMS but in the latest DosBox build you just run your game and that's it. A massive improvement over real DOS on a real PC. This is just one of many things DosBox does.

    Very rarely you will encounter a game which requires real MS-DOS or EMM386. In those cases you can create a hard drive image and load MS-DOS on it (like Virtual PC) and boot that in DosBox to play your game.

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