Jazz Jackrabbit 2 under Virtual PC

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 under Virtual PC

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Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is one of the last of the great platform games.  It was also one of the only ones to be released as a Windows 95/98 only game.  You play the role of a gun wielding green rabbit out to stop the space turtles from taking over the universe.  Okay - that story does not make much sense - but the game is lots of fun:

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 - 1 Jazz Jackrabbit 2 - 2 Jazz Jackrabbit 2 - 3

Everything runs perfectly under Virtual PC, and the game is lots of fun.  You can download the demo version from here: http://www.download.com/Jazz-Jackrabbit-2-demo/3000-7563_4-887151.html


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  • HAHA!!! Awesome....I was a beta tester for this back in the day!!! I'm really tempted to dust off my X-Wing and TIE Fighter collector's edition CD's after seeing your previous post on it....

  • I was just playing this (works fine in XP, probably Vista too).  You can't get a resolution over 640x480... shame. :(

    The game normally runs in full screen and there is no visible option or command line parameter for windowed, but the standard ALT+ENTER shortcut works... and you get a emnu system which works pretty good considering most games don't provide much of a UI for windowed mode over full screen.  Windowed mode also persists between game runs.

  • Definitely one of the coolest jump'n'run games ever... especially it's soundtrack!

    I still have it lying around here somewhere, I really need to find it if it runs so well in Virtual PC... thanks for the memories Ben :)

  • Virtual PC Guy, I'm not surprised that you deleted my post regarding your last game demonstration with Virtual PC.  I'm also not surprised you picked a game that doesn't run under DosBox (though surprisingly works under XP despite your claims otherwise).  

    What does surprise me, however, is that Microsoft is very anti-piracy but yet Virtual PC requires the original operating systems to be installed for these things to work.  Do you really think many of us have our copies of Windows 95/98 or even Dos 6.22 sitting around?  While I was lucky to save the vast majority of the games I owned from destruction, my copies of Win95 and DOS are lost to time.  

    That being said, the only route one can typically obtain these operating system is through less than legitimate means, as Microsoft itself no longer deals in (or even supports) said operating systems.  

    That being said, how is anyone not lucky enough to still Win95/DOS disks but intends to remain legitimate in Vista-land supposed to play these games?

    So while I certainly respect your blog and your right to moderate your comment, I'd at least appreciate a response from you, if only in private.  If you do not wish for my post to remain on your blog, at least have the courtesy to respond in email to canadacow at softhome.net

  • Doh... was distracted while editing my last post.  My question should have read:

    That being said, how is anyone not lucky enough to still own Win95/DOS disks but wanting to remain legitimate in Vista-land supposed to play these games?

  • Hi CanadaCow,

    Your previous post was deleted because it was far off topic - and made inappropriate claims which I could not politely respond to.

    I do not know how many people have copies of the old operating systems and games around - but I certainly do.  Every game I have posted about - I own.  Similarly I have my original licensed install media for DOS 4.1, 5.0 and Windows 95.  As for DOS 6.22, Windows 98 and later - you can license these through an MSDN subscription (which I have).  I certainly would never encourage piracy.



    BTW - I never claimed that this game did not run under XP - and I have posted about games under VPC that run on the host OS too before.

  • This is a MUCH better use of VPC for gaming than most DOS games... Here's a game to try, btw: the ORIGINAL Galactic Civilizations 2 for OS/2... Works like a charm and is PURE space strategy gold...

  • I like to play Jazz Jack Rabbit 2 and I want  to download this funny game!

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