Updated Toshiba m400 BIOS with VPC Compatibility

Updated Toshiba m400 BIOS with VPC Compatibility

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Anyone with a Toshiba m400 (like me) will know that there have been issues running VPC 2007 with hardware virtualization support enabled on one of these laptops.  Thankfully Toshiba has just released an updated BIOS for the m400 which addresses these issues.  You can download it from here:



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  • Do you have to do a reinstall of VPC 2007 to make it work?  I can't seem to set the setting for it even after the installation of the new BIOS.


  • Shawn,

    You need to to a hard power cycle, a reboot isn't enough.

  • I have a Toshiba M405 which fell under the same BIOS update.  I have installed the update, hard power cycled (twice), and reinstalled, but I still can't get Virtual PC 2007 to enable the hardware-assisted virtualization.  Is there anything else I could possibly do to get this working?


  • You need to turn on Virtualization Technology in BIOS setting. I've successfully enable Hardware-assist virtualization option with M400 and v3.6 BIOS.

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