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Well - I am heading out for a couple of weeks of well earned rest.  I will also be speaking at TechED Australia and New Zealand this year - so if you are attending either of those - try and drop by and say hello.

In the mean time blog posts are going to be infrequent (if they happen at all).

I'll be back in late August - see you all then!


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  • you lazy cat! good luck

  • Didn't know where to report this so I'm posting here. The problem with virtual server 2005 sp1 is that it can't boot from dvds with more than 13000 files (aprox). It's an AIO dvd with windows 2003 and windows xp and some utilities and it uses isolinux to boot. It gives me code error 4.

  • Seeing Ben is off on Holiday; I'll still give this a shot.

    Does anyone have info on setting up a virtual computer lab for students to use?

    Setting up the system would be straight forward. I’m looking at 12 Windows XP systems on a nice server. But the real question is "How do I manage handing out and reclaiming systems, from students?”


    - Third party purchase

    - Write ASP/scripts

    - Assign 1:1

    - Schedule login times

    - ?


  • Amantia, You need to provide more information

    > Are you looking for a method of deployment

    > Will students pertain copies of the image on their own machine.

    > Are the image to be hosted on a virtual server.

    If i am correct, you wish to host virtual images on a server using virtual server. You want clients (students) to be able to connect to these images but you want the managabiliy to control when the clients can connect and how they use them.

    This is just a basic of what i would do, if you require more detailed informaiton, post back

    Information is based on the followig scenario, 1 / 2 virtual servers hosting ( 6 on each is pushing it with a dual core ), client machines, ( terminals ) which can be setup by tech before hand ( 12 if requried )

    > Install virtual server

    > Create one client with windows xp, service packs, software, bla bla

    > follow the procedure of sysprep to create a syspreped image. (Sysprep then shutdown)

    > copy the image 12 times ( *.vhd file that you created ), naming each copy accordingly

    > start  image one at a time, follow the on screen mini setup to create a new name for each guest os

    now you should have your environment

    To setup client access

    > copy a version of the vmrc cleint to each of the client machines ( terminals )

    > enter the address of the hosting server to connect to the administrative page

    > open vpc one on machine one and so forth

    > click Alt Gr + Enter to enter full screen

    so as far as students are concerned they are using the local machine

    heres the tricky part with some ideas for managing better

    > first of all you should use the same principle but use virtual pc on each of the client machines instead. easier to manage if the hosting machines are in a lab

    > in both scenarios, access can be locked down to Active directory users ( in the case of virtual pc - local users

    > chnage the host key Alt GR to  something the clients will not know ( students are too smart these days )

    > remeber that the virtual machine follows the same principles of a live machine, access rights, ip address, domain group etc

    > if students are to change the virtual images, look at using undo disks, that way you can reset the image after each lab and discard any changes.

    There are more compex wayt to sort this out, but unless we know your full intention it is hard to decide whcihmethod is more praticle for you.

    Regards, Alan

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