Windows Server virtualization Community Technology Preview now available

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As announced here: Window Server 2008 Release Candidate 0 is now available for download (you can download it from here:  The best thing as though is that this release includes the Windows Server virtualization Community Technology Preview.

Now - a couple of notes here:

  1. This is a preview release. 

    Which means that performance / compatibility / stability is nowhere near what it will be by the time we ship the final release.  The real purpose of this release is to give you a preview - so don't expect everything to work off the bat.

  2. The following features are not present / supported in this release:

    1. Clustering of virtual machines
    2. Clustering of the physical servers
    3. Compacting of virtual hard disks
    4. Backing up guest operating systems using volume snapshot (VSS)

  3. Virtual machines are only supported if they configured as follows:

    1. For the guest operating system, install one of the following:
      1. The RC0 release of Windows Server 2008 with a maximum of 4 virtual processors. No other release of Windows Server 2008 is supported with this release of Windows Server virtualization. You can install either a 32-bit version or an x64-based version.
      2. The Windows Server 2003 operating system, with a maximum of 1 virtual processor. You can install either a 32-bit version or an x64-based version.
    2. Maximum of 64 GB memory.
    3. Maximum of one virtual SCSI controller per virtual machine.
    4. Maximum of one virtual network controller per virtual machine.
    5. Maximum of one legacy virtual network controller per virtual machine.

Okay - start downloading now and I will have more posts about using the CTP coming.


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  • Is it available for download? The link you posted has said "Windows Server 2008 Release Candidate 0 will be available here shortly" for hours now.

  • downloading now... quite slow, even on a 100Mbit/sec connection, so I guess that it's very popular!

    can you tell us what the limit for virtual NICs will be on the release version?

  • Hmm ... I downloaded RC0 x64 from MSDN, and I can't see the Virtualization role to add. Perhaps the version in your link is different?

  • There is a WSV Customer Technology Preview (CTP) Setup Guide @ Virtualization Team blog

  • Can this be changed to use Transfer Manager? I just spent 2 hours not getting all of it.

  • Congrats on the release!

    Win2k8 server as a guest seems pretty slow.  How far is the CTP performance-wise from where the final release will be?

  • I doubt there will be much of a difference. I have 2008 64bit installed on a Dell D520 and it seems ALOT faster than Vista 64bit on the same laptop. Since 2008 RC0 has SP1 loaded already that must be a big part of it. (Not to mention all the crap turned off).

    If the guest seems slow then I suggest using a VM program that has been improved and worked on over the years such as Vmware.

  • Ah-ha! There is more to it. You must do something for the role to appear.

  • Thanks for info I found on this blog. Can I use some info I found here at my site ?

  • Searching.... USB mention not found :(

  • Ben -

    Running dual, dual-core Opteron 280's.  These are still top of the line procs, but are F2 though they are designed for virtualization... They won't work with RCO -- do you have any idea if the release will work with these guys?  Would be a real shame if viridian was this restricted for "real world" installations...

  • Well, MS still looses - VMware outperforms Virtual Server not only by speed but also by features. I am really sick with this product line - spent hours and hours of testing and investigation - but now I am back to VMware, and XEN of course. Not only the beta, all MS VServers are crap.

    It is the same story we know since years - many people out there are actually doing a much better programming job than MS guys - ridicolous.

  • I sent this question to the Windows Virtualization Team as well, maybe someone here has some thoughts.  If I create a VM with my license, how do I share it with people so they can use it with theirs?  This is a big issue in my opinion - it would be great to be able to create Windows based virtual appliances.

  • Hi ,

    I want to install Windows 2003 server on a Virutal PC(for my work ofcourse), do i need to purchase license for it ? if no, the is there any Microsoft web site which says so. If yes, the can you provide me the details


    Jaiganesh srinivasan

  • Hi All,

    Sorry for the delayed response - I have been out of action for a little bit.

    Anthony - The CTP is farily attrocious on performance.  Things will be much better by the time the beta release comes out.

    DosFreak - Harsh man, harsh.

    dar - go for it.

    Peter Bridger - Correct.  Still no USB support (sorry).

    Thor - You need an updated BIOS in order to use the F2 processor.  Contact your BIOS / Motherboard / System manufacturer to find out what their timeline is.

    Brutal American Soldier - I am sorry to hear you feel that way.

    Charles Toepfer - I believe someone should have got back to your email by now.

    Jaiganesh Srinivasan - Yes.  Virtual machines are licensed just like physical computers.  If you are doing this for development purposes you may want to look into the MSDN license.



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Windows Server virtualization Community Technology Preview now available