Installing DOS additions under VPC 2007

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MS-DOS is no longer officially supported under Virtual PC 2007, as such the DOS Virtual Machine Additions are not included with Virtual PC 2007.  However - if, like me, you want to run DOS on Virtual PC 2007 - you can get the DOS Additions by following this easy process:

  1. Download Virtual PC 2004 SP1:
  2. Extract the contents of the installer per this blog post:
  3. Grab the DOS Additions .VFD file and insert it into the floppy drive of your virtual machine under Virtual PC 2007.
  4. Run the install program from the floppy under the virtual machine.

As I have already mentioned - this is not supported - but should work fine.


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  • Why isn't MS-DOS officially supported anymore? It seems to contradict one of the main goals of VPC: to allow you to run legacy applications.

  • Another Ben -

    Simply put - demand.  Only a few people use Virtual PC for DOS - and most of them are in non-production environments where it is not critical that they be 'officially supported'.



  • I'd hate to see the hard way of getting the additions.

    Why not provide the .VFD as a seperate download?

    Also judging by the posts we get over at the DosBox forum there are ALOT of business users still using NTVDM that are moving over to VM's for various reasons....these people would be using VPC (and in some cases still do) if it was still supported officially.

  • you can get the VPC04 additions from my website without the least for now.

  • Aren't the DOS vmadd's included along with the VS and VPC program files in the "Virtual Machine Additions" folder's VMAdditions.iso? If I drag it to the VCD icon (in the case of VPC) and open it with "my computer", I see a DOS folder with the vmadds inside.

    I add my vote to maintaining DOS, at least in terms optimizing the device drivers, etc. doesnt work with my application (hides the applications command line), and it would be nice to see a mouse pointer inside the DOS VM's window. But, talking to MS is not necessary as long as DOS continues to function inside VS and VPC.

    The blogs suggest that VPC will not be continued. I hope that there is a product in MS's vision that will allow upgrading hardware, as well as the host OS while running DOS applications in a VS environment?

  • Wesley -

    Yes, they are still on the ISO however it is hard to get access to the ISO on a new installation of DOS.

    Re: Changing IDLE and adding integrated mouse support - both of these items are pretty much architecturally impossible due to the way DOS works.

    Re: VPC not being continued. I have certainly never indicated that this was the case - and I do not know why you would think that we were not actively developing VPC still.



  • Only because of what I have read on other blogs. Good to be assured about VPC.

  • Strange Bug?

    Yes, I'm able to mount the VM Additions ISO as a CD, and i can access the "CD" with MSCDEX installed, but when i try and copy (or do any file specific related operation) the DOS folder files to the hard disk, I get a "cant find file" error.

    Other CDs/images mount fine..

    I do notice it reads files and folders in lowercase..perhaps an ISO compatibility issue..?

  • I have been trying to install DOS on a Virtual Machine and have been guided to your website which seems like a godsend!

    I have been following your instructions above and installed the DOS addition from the VPC 2004 on my VPC 2007.

    But what I'm trying to accomplish is to get Shared Folders working so that I can see other drives from this Virtual PC DOS (kind of self contained box).

    Any suggestions how I do this?



  • After a while dealing to install the DOS additions, mostly the FSHARE from the VPC 2004 (for your info it has 14,847 bytes, dated as 04-07-04 5:23p), and having constant messages at boot saying "Fsharet can't run on this host", I found out that the culprit was the EMM386.SYS active at your CONFIG.SYS file at that DOS host.

    My original CONFIG.SYS file was:


    device=emm386.exe ram 4192

    device=mtmcdai.sys /d:mscd001

    device=c:\dosaddit\cdrom.sys /D:IDECD001 /L:E

    the Fshare only works if you comment or remove the emm386 line, so the CONFIG.SYS changed to:


    rem device=emm386.exe ram 4192

    device=mtmcdai.sys /d:mscd001

    device=c:\dosaddit\cdrom.sys /D:IDECD001 /L:E

    as you can imagine by the cdrom.sys above, I copied the DOS additions from VPC2004 into the directory c:\dosaddit, even that it should work anywhere into the C: drive.

    I don't know why, but emm386.exe just block Fshare to works.

    Happy Sharing in VPC2007 DOS... :))


    Orlando Florida.

  • Abe,

    To install the share feature, just call the SHARE.EXE and IDLE.COM at the Autoexec.Bat of the DOS machine.  You can have those files following Ben's instructions above.

    If the Share.Exe works, you will have a message at the end of the DOS boot saying:

    "Virtual Machine Folder Sharing"

    Now, to activate the folder sharing, go to DOS menu EDIT + Settings, select the third (yellow folder) from bottom to top icon, then at the right side click "Share Folder" button, it will open "Browse for Folder" new screen, select the folder (from your real machine), select the Drive Letter at the pull down menu (actually it should have "Z"), select the option to "Share Every Time" if you want the shared folder to be there after every boot, and click OK.

    It works.


  • * Only few people use (VPC) for DOS *

    I know a LOT of business that still using DOS programs, at factory floor and labs.  DOS is very stable and trusty for anything that needs to control physical I/O ports.  Actually there are thousands of DOS applications that would cost millions of dollars to convert to Windows, something that will not happens in a close future.  Most of those factories and labs grew in the 80's when DOS was running wild, and lots of DOS software writers were working a lot.  

    Most of those applications still running on DOS 6.2, Pentium 300MHz or even 486 machines, and running very fast.  

    Due some new Windows programs for the same plants are installed, they need VPC to run along those old DOS applications.  Win98 allowed them to run DOS without any problem, but after Windows XP the VPC is a real and honest necessity.  Some new Windows applications can't run on Win98, so...


  • I looked around my PC, but I couldn't find the DOS Additions.vfd file.

  • Is there a way to prevent users from accidentally turning off VPC2007 unless they are at the DOS 6.22 command prompt? My users are corrupting INFORMIX-SQL B-tree datafiles because they're accidentally turning off VPC without exiting the app to the DOS prompt.  

  • Ok iv got this problem. iv got windows98 installed a vm, i get the box notice that vmadditions is not installed.  So i do the "Action > install or update...".  The .iso image loads and boots. The installer starts etc,ect...

    Then a pop-up error says "cant open installation log file, make sure it exists etc.. then it aborts.

    Iv tried everything and keep getting this error.

    Iv seen the help files where it tells me the command line options....

    say what... i just want the installer to work, not learn how to use the command line..

    if i can get an copy & paste example , then maybe i can insert the needed proper values... but i have no intentions of experimenting for hours with a command line till something works.. HELP.

    I would like to also do a XP vm too but will hold off if i cant get win98 working right first..  

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Installing DOS additions under VPC 2007