Disabling folder sharing / clipboard integration / etc... under Virtual PC

Disabling folder sharing / clipboard integration / etc... under Virtual PC

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When you install the Virtual Machine Additions under Virtual PC you get a lot of benefits.  You get faster performance, integrated mouse cursor support, folder sharing, clipboard integration, drag and drop integration and dynamic desktop resizing.  There are times - however - when all this integration can be a problem.  For instance, you may be working in an environment where you do not want to be able to easily transfer data between the host and the guest (for security or confidentiality reasons).  It is possible, thought non-intuitive, to disable folder sharing,clipboard integration, drag and drop integration and dynamic desktop resizing while still having improved performance and mouse cursor integration.

To do this under Virtual PC 2007 (note - this will not work on earlier releases), you need to go into the guest OS and delete the following registry key:

"VMUserServices"="C:\\Program Files\\Virtual Machine Additions\\vmusrvc.exe"

When you restart the virtual machine these services will now no longer be present (you may want to delete 'vmusrvc.exe' if you are worried about users starting it themselves).


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  • I want to know how to disable audio! The darn hardware beep still works even when I turn off all sounds.

  • I really admire Virtual PC for keeping things as simple as possible. However, it's things like this that frustrate me.

    Mostly Virtual PC just works the way I expect it to work. But there really should be an "Advanced" panel with a few extra options and tweaks.

    (While I'm whining) It would also be really helpful if there were a few more tools provided. Virtual PC can read virtual floppy, hard, and compact disks, but it comes with no tools to allow access to these from the host (vhdmount finally arrived, but still not easy to get installed on VPC machines, and still no access to VFD or ISO files). A simple tool to make an ISO from a CD, to make a VFD from a floppy, and vice-versa would be great.

    Another helpful tool would be a way to access the virtual serial ports. I only have so many real serial ports, and I run out quickly if I try to do a loopback. The named pipes are nice, but none of the tools I want to use (terminal emulators, etc.) support connecting over named pipes. A tool to expose the guest serial ports as virtual serial ports would be very helpful.

    Ok, I'm done whining (for now).

  • Gae,

    If you're using Windows, you can disable the beep in Device Manager (in the VM).  Click View-->show hidden devices, then expand Non-Plug and Play Drivers(Devices) and disable Beep.  Reboot the Vm and you're done.

  • To make an ISO CD image from a CD, and vice-versa:


    I don't remember if I tried using it to make a DVD image from a DVD.  In XP it can't burn a DVD from a DVD image, but other tools can.  The Windows 2003 Resource Kit has a tool DVDBURN which works in Windows 2003, and documentation suggests that it would work in XP but I didn't try it.

  • > I want to know how to disable audio! The darn hardware beep still works even when I turn off all sounds.

    You can disable it using regedit in virtual machine:

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Sound]


  • It would be useful to more people to be able to restart the clipboard sync when it up and dies.

    I'm guessing that killing and restarting the process would do that?

  • Or... you could use MS virtual server.

  • Gae -

    For the beeping issue - try 'net stop beep'.

    dcook -

    Yes - I agree with you on this.  In the Windows Server virtualization release we provide some very simple UI to allow you to turn integration features on and off from the host operating system.

    In regards to tools for VFDs / CDs / etc... This is something that we have discussed internally a number of times - and at least for now we beleive that this is best left to third party tools (like www.winimage.com)

    Xepol -

    Restarting this executable is something to try - I do not know if it will help though.



  • Actually I was wonder how to ENABLE  drag and drop integration. I am using Windows XP, Virtual PC 7.0.3 and OS 10.4.11.

    I was using Windows 98 (i know--ancient,but it's all I had) under same setting above, but upgraded the Windows to XP.  In Windows 98, the drag and drop between OS X and Windows worked fine.

    But for the life of me, I can't get it to work now that I upgraded. Any ideas?!

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