Splitting VHDs

Splitting VHDs

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There is a great post on creating "split VHDs" (a VHD that is broken into multiple files on the physical computer) with arbitrary sizes here:


Be warned though - only Virtual PC supports split VHDs (Virtual Server does not).


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  • This is an interesting technique and may solve my inability to backup to DVD (although, I have just started using harddrives, after all, HDs are getting to be dirt cheap nowadays and I don't have to worry about splitting).

    I would be interested to learn about any performance penalties or limitations to this technique.  

  • It's pretty interesting, especially the possibilities with using my 80Gig IPod... Is there a way to have a "Portable" Installation of Virtual PC?  I mean, have a version of Virtual PC on my iPod, and be able to execute the VPC directly from the ipod without having to Install VPC on each computer I want to run it?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Do you know any third-party programs that can edit the filesystem inside a dynamically expanding VHD or a multi-pard VHD?

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