Updated VMRCPlus available

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Thanks to the hard work of Matthijs (http://blogs.technet.com/matthts/) there is a new build of VMRCPlus available for download here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=80adc08c-bfc6-4c3a-b4f1-772f550ae791&displaylang=en

A brief summary of the changes is as follows:

  • The terminology of VMRCplus has been updated.
  • Configuration of scripts on both the Virtual Server and Virtual Machine level. 
  • VMRCplus offers configuring promiscuous mode on the network so you can trace traffic in the virtual switch. 
  • Minor enhancements like storage of Console Manager coordinates, conflict handling when a shortcut already exists 
  • The COM and LPT port assignment logic fixes 
  • The x86 installer package no longer installs on x64. 
  •  Error handling has been enhanced and several issues have been fixed.


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  • is it possible to connect to a server providing username/password? that would allow to run vmrcplus as a limited user or from a other domain...

  • It would be VERY nice if this thing didn't freeze when working cross-domains.  It should ask for credentials and just work.

  • I guess i have found a major problem in VMRCPlus

    I still need confirmation from others.

    By editing the settings for example the memory size of a virtual machine the undo disk is deleted when the settings are applied. I've lost a lot of work recently because of this.


    1. Connect with VMRCPlus to localhost

    2. Have a VM with undo disk enabled. (I've created also 1 snapshot)

    3. Start it once to have an undo disk file created. (make some visual modifications in order to verify after the change)

    4. Shut down the machine.

    5. Go the to VMRCPlus and edit the settings of the VM.

    6. Change the memory size then press OK. As a result the undo disk file is deleted and the machine is restored to it's original state. (the modifications from step 3. are lost)

    I guess this is not a normal behavior.

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Updated VMRCPlus available