Server and Domain Isolation Demo VM's

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Thanks to Dugie for bring this to my attention - there is a great server and domain isolation demo set of virtual machines available for download here:

Now, there are two reasons why you should check this demo out:

  1. It is a great 'ready to go' demo of why you want to use IPSec in your environment.  We use it here at Microsoft corporate - and it is in my personal opinion (as an ex-IT administrator) absolutely wonderful. 
  2. Even though it is a 5 VM demo (AD Server, secure server, boundary server, trusted client, rogue client) the download is a mere 256mb.  Read that one again and go download it now.

Of course - the magic of this particular VM set was put together by one of our virtual machine MVPs (one of the first two virtual machine MVPs actually): Ronald Beekelaar.

My hat is off to you Ronald - I have already showed this setup to a number of people on the team internally :-)


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  • Who was the 2nd of the first 2 VM MVPs?

  • Hi

    When using VPC images on laptops for demonstrating to clients, is it better (for performance) to load the VPC image on the C: drive of the laptop or is it better to store the VPC image on an external HD connected via USB2?  If connected via eSATA, is it better than USB2?

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Server and Domain Isolation Demo VM's