Updated Documentation for Hyper-V Beta now available

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  • From the step-by-step guide, at the very end there is this information:   "After the operating system is set up, you are ready to install the integration services. From the Action menu of Virtual Machine Connection, click Insert Integration Services Setup Disk. If Autorun does not start the installation automatically, you can start it manually. From a command prompt, type:


    Sorry, but on my installation the Insert Integration Services Setup Disk action seemed to complete successfully, but there was no support directory.  I was installing a server core virtual machine.  

    I checked for other mounted drives but did not see any.  Mountvol shows a 2nd volume, but it is not mounted anywhere and mountvol shows an I/O error associated with it.

    Got any ideas what is suppose to happen?  Any ideas how I resolve the issue?


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