Problems with Virtual Server and Automatically Restarting Virtual Machines

Problems with Virtual Server and Automatically Restarting Virtual Machines

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Per this KB article:

There is a known issue with Virtual Server and virtual machines which are configured to 'save state' when the system is shutdown - and then to automatically restart when the system is powered on.

Thankfully most systems do not see this problem (it is caused by a race condition that is relatively hard to trigger).  There are a couple of things you can do if you are seeing this problem:

  1. Call Microsoft Product Support to get a hotfix for the issue
  2. Configure your virtual machines to shut down (instead of save state) when the physical computer shuts down.
  3. Create a blank virtual machine that is connected to all of your virtual networks, configure it to turn off at system shut down and then to start automatically, and then configure all of your other virtual machines to start automatically with a delay of 60 seconds.


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  • I have all my VMs set to save state when stopping and not turn on automatically when starting.  However, if I restart VS, all the VMs act as if the power was pulled from them.  No state is saved.

  • To "Me" (response posted above). It might be a different problem from the one Ben and the support KB is describing. Your issue might be related to the WaitToKillServiceTimeout value that I ran into. I have a detailed blog entry about it at...

  • Thanks Todd.  I think that is my problem.  I know it had worked in the past when I only had a couple of VMs.  When I got into the double digits of VMS is when I think it started.  Good thing they are just for testing.  I'll see if works next month.

  • Sorry, it's not only a problem of "saved state" machines but also when booting everything fresh.

    The patch doesn't help for me, I need the blank VM booted first and even with this, i can't get one VM to work for longer than 2 days - today even not for more then minutes ...

    Changing the "blank VMs" max. CPU-usage sometimes  get the virtual machines out of their slow state and sometimes not.

    What should I do ? Waiting further or going back to R2 without SP1 ?

  • Thank you for alerting me to this KB. I have been serching the net for a solution to this and had almost come to the conclusion that I was the only one having the problem (it didn't manifest itself quite as in the KB, but close enough). Problem solved - case closed :)

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