Warheads on Virtual PC 2007

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Wow, it has been far too long since I posted about gaming and virtualization...  So today I would like to talk about Warheads.  This is a wacky little game released by Ionos Interactive and Total Play in 1997.  It is basically a version of scorched earth based in outer space - but there is a complication.  You and your opponents are randomly placed on different planets - and the planets have gravity that affect the course of your projectile.  Indeed it is not uncommon to try and get a missile into high sub-orbit of a planet to try and nail a player who is on the other side of the planet you are on - or to need to have a missile slingshot from one planets gravity field to another's so that you can wiggle across the map to hit someone who you do not have a direct line of fire.

warheads1 warheads2 warheads3

Warheads also supports network based multi-player but unfortunately the built in computer players fall in the categories of "profoundly dumb" (often blow themselves up) or "impossible to beat" (getting the correct shot on the first shot).  This game failed to run on my Vista computer - but ran happily in a Windows 98 virtual machine.  I did have to use Turbo inside the virtual machine to slow it down enough for my purposes - but otherwise everything was great.


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  • "Wow, it has been far too long since I posted about gaming and virtualization..."

    I was just thinking the same thing :)

  • Shouldn't this have been "Warheads on Hyper-V"  ^_^

  • Hey, What the heck!  You're using that CD packed version of Warheads?  No wonder you could not find any servers to play in. That is the original version of Warhads!  Warheads SE (SE means Second Edition) is now at version 1.54.  I have been playing this game for about 7 years now, and I still enjoy it.  I have checked the game out when Ionos owned the game, and then did not buy it until after the original owner purchased it back from Ionos and revived it to Warheads SE.  This game has changed hands several times, but the latest owner is planning on making some nice changes to this game.  If you really want to see how much this game has changed or readers, if you are curious about this game (especially when it's almost 11 years old and still being played strong online - and with dedicated players like me), there is a shareware version available for a free download.  www.warheads.net Download it and find me online.  I go by the nickname of "Gnildir"  This game even have one of the best online communities that I have seen.  I am still seeing and talking to people that I have met when I 1st started playing in 2001.  Whenever we know that there are young players online, the server admins or other players in the server will help keep things clean.  Warheads SE is enjoyed by the young and old, very easy to play and is a place to meet new friends.  The vets of Warheads SE are more than happy to help you learn how to play this game.   I do hope to see you in Warheads SE.


  • As JediDuck I've played WarHeadsSE for several years now. The original version was before my time, but is still played as "SNIPER" in all the servers and any shareware player has as much a chance in sniper as any full version player. I prefer the full version where custom made weapons rule. There are two very good free weapon making applications available, Maxiwep and OWE, so making or altering a weapon is not a problem. Or you can download a custom weapon pack. With 75 weapons you're sure to find a few that tickle your fancy.

  • As the current owner and operator of WarheadsSE, I'd like to point out that we currently support Vista :) Heck, it can even be run inside of Wine/WineX! Full modern internet support, live statistics, MELO rankings ala Halo2 on Live! (tm Microsoft)....

    And we still sell a one time $17.99 license key that works until the ether finally absorbs us. It hasn't succeeded yet and we're going for 11+ years!

    Swing by, give it a whirl, and say hi to veterans of the game for as many as 10 of those 11 years!


  • Come join us and you may see why it is so addictting. I have played this game for almost 8 years and keep coming back and back and back.

    We have a wonderful community of online players, with a varied personality as you find anywhere. We have people from age 8 years to 60 years old.

    We in warheads play to win with a passion and accept defeat relatively gracefully (he he he )

    Come and see why we are still here.

    My cost for the game is down to just over $2,00 US now. I hope to live long enuff to get it down to under $.25 US  :)

  • I wouldn't recommend this game at all!  It is filled with peeps that dont give much of a welcome.  If you dont have the 20 buck version and try and play with the default weapons you dont stand a chance.

    I played some player named puffy who was rude and condescending.  Seems like they have a small group of gamers and want to keep it that way.  At least thats the impression I got from that bitter player.

    No wonder no one plays that game.

  • Oh, 1 more thing...  that person is absolutely wrong...  everyone greets newcomers and it is a very friendly internet gaming community.  We have been weeding out the bad players as we have young people that plays this game.  

    The shareware version is free and you are using limited weapons to try the game.  I sure would like to find out who that person is and yank out the hard drive from that person's pc.


  • Hey Ben...... you been slumming? lol wink wink

    I was reading about Fedora 8 under Virtual PC 2007 when I saw you brought this dead soldier up from the dead.  

    I checked it out and whoaaaaaaaaaaaa....... dem boys still a playin dat antique.  we all know the grunger gamester -- he tells it like it is...  

    Checked it out meself..... dont need no ice cubes for yer coke.... dat lobby will chill it down

  • Does anybody have a copy of Warheads? I would be very pleased to play again the game I've played in 1998-1999 at school in Russia.

    johnko@mail.ru if you can help.  :-)

  • I mean the version which was available in late 90s, not newer 1.5x :)

  • The original game won't work in the current servers. However, the sharewware version of the current game is virtually the same; it has two weapon packs, Death and Default plus there's Sniper. :)

    As to the comments the person made about Puffy, she's been seriously ill and her mood has reflected this. Don't judge everyone you meet in any setting by the behavior, good or bad, by one person would be my advice.

    Try us again Grungie, lots of peeps here that will play Sniper with you where you'll have the same weapon as them. :)

  • I got myself a new x64 pc, and it's running Windows 7 home.  Warheads will not run on a x64 based system.  However, you can run it inside of vmware with xp installed inside of it.  The game apparently runs just fine (but have full screen issue, working on that).  If you guys have any questions, send me an email.  



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