Trilby: The Art of Theft under Virtual PC

Trilby: The Art of Theft under Virtual PC

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A little while ago I stumbled upon the game Trilby: The Art of Theft.  This is a fun little game that I have enjoyed spending a couple of days playing (I have now completed it).  The basic concept of the game is to guide Trilby through a series of heists where you have to stealthily avoid guards, cameras and lasers as you attempt to steal the treasures as quickly as possible.  This game does run under Vista - but there are a couple of problems:

  • When running in full screen mode it is effectively running at 320 x 240, and this looks pretty silly on my 24" LCD screen (you can select 640 x 480 - but it just doubles the pixels so it looks just as blocky).
  • When running in windowed mode glass gets disabled.
  • The application has a wacky problem where if you create a saved game on a system running at one resolution you cannot load it on another type of resolution.

So how to solve these problems?  Simple - run the game under Virtual PC:

trilby trilby2 trilby3


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  • How has virtual PC 2007 been behaving with retrogrames compared to 2004? Has the hardware emulation been changed at all (thus causing the same sort of "emulation" problems VMWare has with Sound/Video in Dos)? I'm rather happy they've started releasing Virtual PC for free, it makes Retrogaming much easier.

  • Hello,

    Can you provide a compiled version of your sample here ( Since I'm not a developer, I'm finding it hard to compile using Express edition.

  • Ben, you have so many postings on these cool games spread across all of the months.  Is it possible for you to have a linked area that refers back to the blog you had in the past?

    thanks, Jake

  • "When running in windowed mode glass gets disabled."

    Have you debugged why?

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