Hyper-V Release Candidate is now available

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After a lot of hard work I am proud to inform you that the release candidate of Hyper-V is now available.

With this release we have added:

  • Partial localization for German and Japanese
  • Improved performance
  • Support for Windows Server 2003 (x86) SMP, Windows Vista SP1 (x86) and Windows XP SP3 (x86)
  • Many, many bug fixes

You can read more about this here and here, also John has posted some great instructions on how to get the release candidate up and running on your server.


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  • Where can I submit bug and requests for Hyper-V? I don't see it listed in connect.


    russh [at] russound [dot] com

  • Installed RC0 and I'm getting errors with network switch config.  I removed Hyper-V role, rebooted, then reinstalled Hyper-V, but all the Virtual Switches are left over in Network Adapters and I can't remove them.

    Reinstallation of Hyper-V role gives error "0x80041001" while configuring the networks.

    Any suggestions?

  • Perhaps offering some scripts to help the Beta to RC0 transition easier?   Although most of knew this was a Beta, it was released on a Production Server product so few us expected such a major shift between the Beta and RC0.  

    Also - on a Windows 2003 Server VM - VM Addition uninstall if you installed it on VS2005 and then copied a VHD to Hyper-V, did not update VM Additions, won't uninstall nicely...  I really had to hack to get it off so the new VM Additions stuff would install.

  • I have the same problem Justin reported above.  I have tried every possible way of applying the RC0 update including first removing the Hyper-V role before applying the update (or not), removing the Virtual Network Switch Protocol from the physical adapter first (or not), and all kinds of other things.

    Every time I try install RC0 I get basically the same results.  The Virtual Network is set to private, the physical network adapter has all the standard protocols enabled except for Virtual Network Switch.  Every time I try to change the Virtual Network to External or create a new Virtual Network, it seems to complete successfully, but then I find the pysical network adapter which was slected unchanged (Virtual Network Switch still not checked) and a new Local Area Connection is created.  I also get a duplicate Virtual Network Adapter in Device Manager which can't be removed.

    If I then try to manually uncheck all protocols on my physical network adapter except Virtual Network Switch and apply my IP configuration to the Virtual Network adapter, I am asked to reboot.  After the reboot I can't open Network Connections, or must about any other MMC because they all hang.  The OS is completely unusable, I have restore from backup and start again.

    I have done this so many times and tried everything.  Can someone please help with this?

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Hyper-V Release Candidate is now available