AMD Releases Hyper-V Check Tool

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A lot of people have been asking about how to check if their AMD system is capable of running Hyper-V.  Well AMD have just released a tool that enables you to check your system for compatibility.  If you go here you can download the AMD Virtualization™ Technology and Microsoft® Hyper-V™ System Compatibility Check Utility.


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  • This tool can check Hyper-V prereqs on any platform

  • Xaegr -

    Unfortunately that tool will not tell you if your AMD system is compatibile with Hyper-V, as BIOS information is also needed for some processors.



  • Xaegr,

    I tried that utility just this morning, and it said my system was fine, but the AMD tool said it wasn't. AMD systems require a BIOS update for "F2 Stepping" processors, while "F3" processors don't. So while the hardware may be capable, if the BIOS doesn't support it, the Securable tool doesn't tell the whole truth.

  • Hm.. they can respond here. I couldn't respond at the previous post yesterday. Could you check if my reaction was received?

  • Any chance the problem with virtual machines freezing on restore from saved state being solved with hardware visualization and Virtual Server 2005 ?

  • How about if I don't have a machine now, but would like to check which motherboard, BIOS, CPU, are Hyper-V compatible?

  • Do you known if major motherboard manufacturer (like Asus, Asrock, Abit, Gigabytes, MSI)... take care on this problem and introduce the "AMD step F2 - HyperV" code in the new release of their Bios?

  • The tool is gone - no more available.

    And your link goes to the AMD start site.

    So this blog post is no more helpful and you should delete this entry.

  • The tool has just moved, is all. If you go to the support pages at AMD, then download, select your processor and go to the actual "downloads" tab, it's in there. Updates frequently.

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AMD Releases Hyper-V Check Tool