Virtual PC 2007 SP1 now available

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Release notes:


Virtual PC 2007 SP1 adds support for Windows Vista SP1 and Windows XP SP3 as both host and guest operating systems.  It also adds support for Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition as a guest operating system.


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  • Are you still working on Virtual PC? I thought that like with Internet Explorer 6, development has stopped. Why no significant updates? What will happen to Virtual PC. Dropped all together? What about the next version of Virtual PC and Server? Now that HyperV is the main product and since Virtual PC and Server are free they will not be developed further? Tell me that I am worng please.

  • It's hard to tell from version numbers if my SP1 upgrade succeeded or not; during install it was complaining it needed to have explorer stop running :s

    The KB download article and the release notes don't include the version number we would see in the about box; so can you tell us what the version is for an SP1 install?

  • On the actual download page it says that the version for SP1 is  I had the same issues about explorer running and just clicked on ignore (had rebooted the first time to check the install from a clean login).

  • Same issue with explorer here. I just hit ignore a few times, too. Blowdart, checking under Add/Remove Programs will show Virtual PC SP1 after the upgrade.  

  • I had the same issue with Firefox 3 Beta 5.  It said that the window must be closed.  I closed it, hit retry, and the install completed.

  • I wonder if anyone tried to run VPC 2007 on Windows 2000. I know, I could check it myself, but I'm not sure it won't hurt my installation of VPC 2004 :).

    PS. Yes, I know, that officially VPC2k7 requires XP Pro, but for example C&C: The First Decade "officially" requires Windows XP, but doesn't complain about Win2000 :).

  • Since it already works with Vista SP1, what does it actually do?

    It certainly doesn't fix the hardware-assisted virtualization flaws.

  • Nektar - I cannot comment on future product plans, but I am not sure why you think that VPC is dead when we just released an update for it.

    Xepol - Testing and bug fixes were required.  



  • What makes me think it is dead: still no x64 guest support. As a developer in the Exchange field I use VMs for test domains and Exchange is only supported on 64-bit. That drove me to your competitor. Hyper-V will not be usable for me on my laptop as it kicks out power saving features and hibernation.



  • For other Operating Systems as guest/host (excluding XP SP3 & Vista SP1), is there any bug fixes or performance improvements? If I am not planning to use Vista SP1 & XP SP3, does this upgrade adds any benefit to me?

  • heckuvalotta nothing in the release notes

  • Also, no VM Additions Printer, no USB support, no Dock... ehm Taskbar integration, just to name some of the great features in VPC 7/Mac (sadly abandoned by Microsoft, while it was a great product!).

    ... And no Coherence/Unity/Seamless mode, etc. etc., if we compare VPC 2007 with competing desktop (not server) virtualisation products.

    So, ideally at least, it would really be time for a feature upgrade... :-)

  • Upgraded, reinstalled, uninstalled Virtual Machine Network Services, installed it again, all by the book with restarts in between, and still Virtual PC displays "Virtual PC could not open the Virtual Machine Network Services driver".

  • STILL no USB? How can it possibly not support the most common hardware interface on the planet???

  • Svenc: Exchange 2007 is also available in 32bit version (trial only and limited to 120day's) but if you are testing only this is good enough.

    works just fine under virtual pc 2007, i use it all the time

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Virtual PC 2007 SP1 now available