Hyper-V RC1 Available

Hyper-V RC1 Available

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In case you missed it - Hyper-V RC1 is now available for download. 

Full details can be found here: http://blogs.technet.com/virtualization/archive/2008/05/20/hyper-v-rc1-release-available-on-microsoft-download-center.aspx

And the release notes are available here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=3ed582f0-f844-40ba-b692-230845af1149&displaylang=en


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  • JWK -

    From the Virtual Machine Connection window, open the Action menu and select "Insert Integration Services Setup Disk..."



  • Thank you.  That did the trick.  I didn't see that mentioned on the "Hypre-v RC1" page or on whatever installation page I found.

    That did the trick and now the VM has a working NIC.  

    Still don't see how to select a "Legacy NIC," but, for now it's not something I need to be concerned about.  I can read up on it when it's time for me to learn move about Hyper-v.

    Many thanks.  


  • wosully,

    Are you using Hyper-V Beta or Hyper-V RC1? If you are seeing this behavior after upgrading to Hyper-V RC1, please let me know.

    Thanks, Ranjith

  • FYI, to add a Legacy NIC you edit the settings on the VM, at the top of the Settings screen is "Add Hardware".  Within that you can choose "Legacy Network Adapter".  This creates an emulated network adapter for the guest OS in the event that the integration drivers are not available or working correctly.  I.e. Windows XP can be setup on Hyper-V using a Legacy NIC.

  • That seems to work fine on XP, 2003 32-bit - but I am having an issue getting a network setup on 64-bit 2003.

    The integration services disk doesn't like the 2003 installation until its SP2.

    Any ideas?

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