Hyper-V + WinPE + Integration Services

Hyper-V + WinPE + Integration Services

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Mike Sterling has just done a great post on how to integrate the Hyper-V Integration Services into a WinPE image.  If you do WinPE based OS installations on a regular basis this will really speed things up for you.  Read more here:



UPDATE 8/9/2010: Note that this is only necessary if you are using Windows Vista / Windows Server 2008 based WinPE.  WinPE images based on Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2 already have integration services in them.

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  • Hi Ben,

    I asked the following question on the Microsoft Technet forums but I was wondering if you could provide some insight or point me to the right direction:

    Let's say I have a VM on host A that I need to move to host B. The Vm has snapshots.

    Everything works just fine: the copy VM on host B powers on and the snapshot structure looks correct etc. except when trying to apply any of the snapshots I got the following error:

    You do not have permission to perform the operation.

    Apparently there are some security attributes on the original file structure that I failed to reproduce on the copy?  I am aware of a few security related changes I need to make on a copy, such as a new SID in the XML file,  access permission granted to a special user named after the VM uuid. Then there is a "Virtual Machines" entry on the permission tab for some files which I am not sure about.  I am not sure which of those are relevant to the problem I am having.  Does any body know what exactly needs to be done on a copy security wise to make snapshots applicable?  Thanks.

  • igor  -

    How did you move the virtual machine?  You should be exporting it from Server A and then importing it on Server B.



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