Hyper-V: Supported Guest Operating Systems

Hyper-V: Supported Guest Operating Systems

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In case you missed this one, with the RTM of Hyper-V we expanded the list of supported guest operating systems.  You can see the full official list here:



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  • Please tell me that's a joke - still no useful Linux support. It wouldn't even have to be official, if you just made the tools available to other distributions. That's one key thing that is simply a hard requirement for beating Xen or Vmware.

    The performance without linux integration tools is at best a bad joke, at worst an impossibility. It's light years away from competitors. And yes, I've spent weeks testing, reading the newsgroups, trying unofficial tricks etc.

    Very sad, as Hyper-V is otherwise a rather sensible platform. Microsoft just won't get rid of Linux by not supporting it in any way. The key element of any enterprise scale virtualization platform is support, or at least functionality of several operating systems, not all of which are "friends" to the parent company.

    Just release the specifications, let others do the work if you don't feel you can.

  • Kyuu Eturautti -

    We will only ever talk about the "officially supporteed and tested operating systems".  I know that people have got many other Linux distributions running (with integration componens).



  • Hello,

    I've a windows 2000 vm running under virtual server 2005. I moved the vm to windows 2008 with the latest rc version of Hyper-v and it stops with a blue screen. I tried re-freshing the OS to see if I could get rid of the blue screen to no avail.

    What I'm doing wrong. I did the same thing with an XP sp2 vm and it works like a charm.

    I also tried virtualizing an xp physical machine, this one running on an AMD box to a DELL 2950 box emulating an x86 architecture. I blew away the hal.dll from the old box and re-freshed the operationg system, again to no avail, and I thought the HAL. made the os hardware independent. again, what am I doing wrong.


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