PowerShell Management Library for Hyper-V

PowerShell Management Library for Hyper-V

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James O'Neill posts here: http://hypervoria.com/hyper-v/hyper-v-powershell-library-now-on-codeplex.aspx to let us know that he has provided a PowerShell Management Library for Hyper-V available here: http://www.codeplex.com/PSHyperv


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  • Will Hyper-V ever support (like VS) guest OSs in a WinXP or Vista host, or is that a meaningless question.

  • For a little while now, I've been trying to find MS best practices for managing a Hyper-V library of VMs (be they VHD or pass-through disks). I've only managed to come up with a few minor things.

    Anyone have some credible links with more information on generalized library management best practices? i got many solutions from blogs.msdn.com/.../powershell-management-library-for-hyper-v.aspx and another on http://www.hypervhd.com

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