Hyper-V: VM on USB Disk fails to start

Hyper-V: VM on USB Disk fails to start

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If you are trying to start a virtual machine on a USB Disk (or any other external disk) and receive the following error message:


The most likely cause is that the physical disk is FAT32 formatted.  Hyper-V requires that you use NTFS for storing virtual machines for security purposes, and will fail to create the files needed to start a virtual machine on non-NTFS storage..


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  • I have three VMs with snapshots.

    Second was made from the disk of first one with differencing.

    Thirst is a counter-intuitive result of "exporting" and "importing".

    Unfortunately I have forgotten how eash of them namely was derived.

    How can I understand their present interrelation? Is there any way to simplify it?

  • long I have after a solution in request and, finally, I find a thank you, thank you, thank you

  • Hi Ben ...I tried to install TinYXP on and recently got one more version of it TinyXP Rev9 which can be installed on a USB ...however the installation process is almost getting complete but when i try to boot it gives an error that the HDD failed to please check it got some errors of viruses on it gets initialize blah blah...im very  much interested to know how different its VM's compared with this kind of OS customizations...?

    I will be happy to read more about VM's security from you if possible pls share some links abt it ...

    your help in this regard will be appreciated


    Sharukh :)  

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