RTM of Linux Integration Components for Hyper-V Now Available

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After a short delay, the RTM build of the Linux Integration Components for Hyper-V can now be downloaded from connect.microsoft.com (You need to register for this - but registration is free and easy).

These integration components contain some critical features:

  • High performance I/O drivers for networking and disk (both IDE and SCSI) for Linux under Hyper-V.
  • An integrated video / mouse driver for Linux under Hyper-V.
  • The kernel "Hypercall adapter".

A number of people have asked me what this last item is, so let me explain.  Hyper-V and Xen (an open source hypervisor based virtualization solution that you are probably aware of) have very similar architectures - despite being developed in isolation from each other.  The hypercall adapter is basically a layer that translates between the Xen hypercall API and the Hyper-V hypercall API.  This allows you to install a Xen paravirtualized Linux kernel inside the virtual machine in order to get the best performance possible.

With this release we are still only supporting SuSE Linux - however you can search the connect newsgroup to see posts from users who have successfully installed the Linux integration components on other versions of Linux.


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  • Are there any official plans to support the most widely used Linux distributions apart from Suse?

    I am thinking about Redhat, Debian, Ubuntu, Mandriva and possibly others.

  • Ben, the link to connect is a 404.

    Robert, Microsoft have done a deal with SuSE, so don't expect to see official support for any other distributions any time soon.

  • Is this Linux Integration Components working for openSuse ?

  • You say hear that the mouse support is included but on other sites I read that it will be available shortly. I can't seem to find a way to get it working the way I did with RC2. What is the scoop?

  • Robert -

    There are no announcements right now - but we will continue to listen to customers about which operating systems should be supported on Hyper-V

    Rik -

    The link should work fine

    Marvin256 -

    Though not officially supported, I have heard from people who have got this to work



  • No - the page really does 404...



  • @Robert, blogs are starting to appear which walk you through the install process on Debian. It is kind of a battle but if you have some experience with Linux it is doable (you need to compile a new kernel so it is not for the "weak of heart".

    See here blog.manglar.com/how-to-install-linux-integration-services-version-2-1-on-a-hyper-v-virtual-machine-running-debian

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RTM of Linux Integration Components for Hyper-V Now Available