Symantec Backup Exec for Windows available with Hyper-V support

Symantec Backup Exec for Windows available with Hyper-V support

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One of the cool features of Hyper-V is our built-in support for backing up running virtual machines with zero service downtime via VSS.  The problem is that in order to fully utilize this functionality you need to have a backup program with specific support for Hyper-V.

Note, you can use the VSS backup capabilities "by hand" using the command line under Windows (as discussed here).  You can also backup Hyper-V using Windows Server Backup by following the directions here - but in this case it is a simple "all or nothing" backup.

But now, with the release of Backup Exec 12.5, Symantec has added fully support for backing up Hyper-V and Hyper-V virtual machines.  You can read more (as well as download a trial) here:


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  • I'm confused here.  I'm running Backup Exec 12.0 on a physical server, and it seems to be backing up my two running Hyper-V servers fine.

    Is the only advantage in 12.5 that you can restore individual files within the virtual machines without having to restore the whole image and then open it with a program like WinImage?

  • how are you backing up your VMs from the host, you're running Backup on the VHDs while they are running?  If so, thats not a good idea, it can mess with the VHDs

  • sj:  Well since Backup Exec 12.0 supported VSS, I believed that it would have no trouble backing up a Hyper-V image that was running.  I have had a daily backup going for probably more than a week now, and so far I have not seen any sign of trouble.

    During the backup process, the event log in the virtual machine shows the "Virtual Disk Service" starting and stopping a number of times, but they are not errors.  I thought that was by-design.

    I know what happens if you try to backup a running Virtual Server 2005 image using Backup Exec 11d.  The virtual machine may blue-screen (though I have never seen any data loss result from that).  My strategy for backing up those virtual machines was to have the backup program run a script which shuts them down before the backup, and starts them back up after the backup is finished.

    But like I said earlier, I thought (and am still not convinced otherwise) that Backup Exec 12.0 along with Hyper-V could back up running virtual machine images with no trouble.  This is something I really want to clear up soon though, before I get too much stuff running from Hyper-V virtual machines.

  • Jason -

    With Backup Exec 12.5 you can now select to backup specific virtual machines - and restore them as you mention.  12.0 will perform a complete system backup correctly.



  • EMC's Networker Module for Microsoft Applications (NMM) v2.1 also supports Hyper-V backup both VSS HW and SW snapshos.

  • I'm confused about restoring an online backup of a Virtual Machine.  Using BackupExec's new 12.5 agent, the online backup works just fine, but when I restore the virtual from tape, it restores to a shutdown-state -- i.e., it was backed-up running, but restores in a shutdown state.  Often the VM also generates an EventID 6008 - the previous shutdown was not expected.  Is this a problem restoring the VM in a different state than when it was backed up ?

    Thanks for the help !

  • why symantec backup exec 2010 no detect virtual machine?

    we installed virtual server 2005 r2 on windown server 2008 core.and setup virtual machines on it.But symantec backup no detect virtual machines.

     pls help me about that!!!

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